What is the meaning of my love?

Author: Ghilmana Sarmad

“What is the meaning of my love? You want to know? I will leave with such an impact on your life that every other woman who desires to understand you, has to master me first.”

She said those words out of the sheer rage of love but unaware and uninfluenced, he kept walking. The intensity of blazing heart and pain was so unbearable that she could not help but shed tears and how unfortunate it could get that he even did not notice them, mildly walking away.

Today is the day. She was settling down the stages of departure. But in fact, she has already travelled miles away, leaving him alone, all by himself. He looked troubled. He was so anxious that either he kept walking from one corner to the other corner of the room or if not, then he kept looking at the clock on and off. Tick Tock Tick Tock!!


Today, his eyes were damped. Perhaps, he was helpless. He raised his hands to make a prayer but cosmos of the grief was so intense that the pain snatched away his voice, and the words got stuck somewhere in his throat. To be said, silence had taken all over the place but still, the tears started to flow down unconsciously. “If these tears had a price, the world would have passed a testimony and they would have never left the eyes-zone. What a priceless pearls are they.”

Today, he felt and acknowledged her tears for the first time & all those nights that she had spent awake waiting for him, only to have one glimpse of him, to seek his one passionate look of love at her. Today, either he was missing all those Kodak moments or perhaps, he was feeling the same, all over again. Today, he was in her place.


Deep in his thoughts, he was sitting there on a bench with his hands still up in the air, returned to the world when a nurse handed him a little, teeny tiny beautiful doll. He started crying insanely. “Is this the angel she used to talk about? Will she ever be able to understand her mother?”

The tears could not be stopped and the words remained unsaid. Meanwhile, the little angel opened her eyes. Dark as night, profoundly deep as ocean, he was taken away by her mesmerizing hazel eyes.

Perhaps, he has found the answer. Perhaps, he got to know it now; what the meaning of love is?

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