What is Happiness? Can it be Achieved?

Happiness has been a conundrum for me for the longest time of my life. When I was young I was asked if I was happy in getting new toys and the answer was expected to be Yes! so I thought new things are happiness but that happiness used to fade away as the new things became old just in a few days. when I was a student I was told getting good grades should bring me happiness and once I got grades I was told that if I don’t keep up then it’s temporary so I would get keep getting good grades but always fear for the next results so that supposed happiness never brought me happiness, but just fear.

when I became a young adult, had a job and good friends I was asked for happiness again because I still couldn’t feel it so I was told love would bring me happiness but still I felt a pit in my stomach so I moved and talked to the people I felt were happy and most of them lacked so many things from the checklist i.e. money, job, a companion but they felt happy so I realized happiness is only a blessing neither it can be achieved nor can it be learnt. It’s a blessing that frees you from fear of all kinds of loneliness, of poverty, of loss of, chaos, you don’t yearn for complete-ness or to become whole, you become ok with your being and that liberation brings you the feeling called happiness. And happiness most certainly is only a blessing.

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