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UZMA KHAN fight with Amna Malik and Usman Malik

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Who is Uzma Khan?

Uzma Khan is not as such what you call ‘the most popular’ actress or model of the country but people recognize her from her roles in “Aadhy Gawahy” and “Jawany phir nhy aany”. But recently in Pakistan she was trending on number 5 on twitter. Apparently Uzma Khan had an affair with a guy named Usman Malik and allegedly Usman Malik is a realitive of  Malik Riaz, the giant business tycoon and property lord of Pakistan. Usman Malik is the nephew of Malik Riaz’s wife.

What happened with Uzma Khan?

On the channd raat evening, I think 23rd May2020, Malik Riaz’s wife, her daughter and her sister barged in a house where Uzma Khan was residing. Though we are talking about the richest of the country but they literally like the most illiterate and unaware people beat the shit out of the model girl Uzma Khan and her sister.

Not only they came into their house illegally but they entered it with their gunned guards and broke many of the house belongings. They kept threatening and abusing the model and her sister. Moreover, all the leaked videos of the incident were made by the abusers and not the abused. The abused model and her sister were terrified to have any courage to make any video.

Apparently, the idea behind making and releasing these videos was to slut shame the model and her sister. Being an honor sensitive, religion sensitive and independent women sensitive society- the goal of leaking the videos was to win the popular opinion of masses, destroy the character and career of the model and win back the adulterous husband.

Is Uzma Khan Innocent?

Unlike most cases in Pakistan, the videos back fired the abusers. But does that mean Uzma Khan is innocent. We can’t judge. Usman Malik was in the house where Uzma Khan and her sister were residing but does that mean she is to be accused because she is a woman.

Let’s for a very frail moment think that Uzma Khan has an affair with Usman Malik. Is she the only responsible in the scenario? She is an unmarried girl, who is not committed to anyone else, so by far who she is cheating but her own self. So cheating her own self is her personal issue. But Usman Malik is a married man who has a wife and a son from 13 years of marriage. He is an adulterer. He is abusing his relationship, cheating his wife and religiously committing a sin. Then why did his wife only slut shammed the girl with whom her husband had an affair. Why did she not beat her own husband! Why at no point she threatened her husband of sending him behind bars. 

The two aspects to look at


So let’s for a moment suppose, a wife is caught cheating by her husband -can you imagine what would have happened in most cases. Yes! Either acid attack, honor killing etc. Nobody in the reverse scenario would have dared to touch the man who would have been involved in the affair.

Also in a later released video by Usman Malik’s wife Amna Malik she said she kept warning Uzma Khan, not her husband- why did she warn! Well she said to save her home.

One, when a wife or a husband cheats on each other the home is destroyed already- even if the divorce does not happened that home is not a home but just a compromise. 

Secondly, this Pakistani concept of ‘trapping a man’ is the most ridiculous patriarchal excuse of sanctifying men. Is a man that innocent and naïve that he gets into the trap of being stolen off of his riches. Obviously when men trade their wealth with women they have affairs with, they don’t do it for free, they in return get their own pleasures as well. Amna Malik had no right to warn a woman she had no relation with, she should have only warned her husband, on whom she had the complete right to.

Thirdly if a poor or middle class woman keeps compromising of infidelity of her husband- there is an excuse of lack of financial stability. Middle class or poor women can’t earn for their kids so they need their husband and so they bear all their dirty laundry. However, Amna Malik is a close relative of the richest man of the country, also in her later video she confessed she had properties, gold, diamonds etc-why on earth she kept bearing the cheating of her husband.

Pakistani celebrities stance on the issue

mehwish hayyat on uzma khan case

I really liked the tweet of Haroon Rasheed, the BBC reporter who covers South East Asia, that when they showed in Merey Paas Tum Ho that Maham, Shehwar’s first wife slaps Mehwish for cheating and not her husband we as society approved that in a cheating scenario it’s always women who are to be blamed.

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Some of the female celebrities’ stance on Uzma Khan case is commendable and really shows a maturing entertainment industry.

Mahira Khan in her tweet regarding this incident strongly condemned adultery or infidelity but she insisted that rich in this country get special justice which is justice of their choice.

mahira khan on uzma khan case

Farah Hussain wrote some very scathing, blunt and truthful statements. She said if Amna Malik was angry and heart broken and felt betrayed she should have beaten, bled and videoed her own husband as well.

Sarwat Gillani gave a long detailed statment which is as follows:

sarwat gillani on uzma khan case

Hania Amir immediately after Uzma Khan’s videos went viral released her video statement where she utterly rejected what was done by Amna Malik.


The argument in this entire case is not that Uzma Khan is innocent. She might not be. But the abuse of power in this country to get your personal things right is a regular culture. The worst example of abuse of power happened  in ‘Shahzaib murder case’, it kept happening like in this recent “Colonel wife case etc. We must as a nation condemn the abuse of power if in any way we want this society to not turn into a jungle.

Iqrar ul Hassan wrote in his tweet a very sad reality of our society

iqrar ul hassan syed

Media Channels’ Complete Silence on this case

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Remember when entire media had fits because Mulana Tariq Jameel called them liars-aren’t the entire media whether pro government or anti government all in one hand are silent like a wall. Pakistani media for sure is being funded by the riches and that’s why they act like the tycoons bitches. Why! even the smallest news of a cat falling in gutter is a breaking news but a woman beaten and abused is not a side story on any single channel. Pakistani media- be it entertainment through dramas or debates or criticism on news channels have disgusted and disappointed us as a nation.

For some strange reason, the self proclaimed most honest, brave, and neutral journalists like Hamid Mir, Shahzaib Khanzada, Saleem Safi etc have not said a single line on this issue. All hail to yellow journalism.

Gold help my country! and God with all HIS mercy and might help the women of my country.

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