U Veil Product claims

U veil sunblock claims to be:

1- long lasting

2-non greasy

3-water resistant

4- claims to reduce UVB induced carcinogenesis (which means prevents skin cancer)

Review of claims

I would say all the claims to me sound very correct (except the skin cancer part I don’t know about that).

1-I applied it and did not feel greasy at all though my T zone is really oily but it did not cause any sweaty-ness for quite long which is rare for my pores .

2-It also did last very long because, on friday we left for shopping for around 2:30pm in the after noon and then we came back around 11ish back home and it stayed all day. The temperature on Friday was too high around 43 degrees centigrade

3-As for the water resistance I didn’t splash my face with any water but the sweat did not make me feel as the product is gone rather my face felt less sweaty with product on.

4-U veil Sun block also claims to have vitamin C and E which are really really good for skin because they avoid pigmentation which is my problem

PROS of U veil Sun Block

1-As the product claims it is non greasy and stays long
2-very price friendly
3-best for oily skin people
4- very easy to carry
5- I think normal skin people would like it as well because only my T-zone is oily and the rest of face is normal, so I felt it good overall on my face.
6- for dry skin I am not sure may be it would give dry feel not sure though


Didn’t find any negative aspect, except that packaging is too average which in this price range is quite ok though

price: 400-500 Rupees
size: 30 grams

Availability of product: Care pharmacy

You can find sun block suggestion for normal skin on the following link:


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