the souls who couldn’t get the world

to all the souls

who simply couldn’t get the world

or themselves

you will perhaps

one day find peace

in heaven above if there is any

or find rest in the mere vanishing from here

and from everywhere

You said you care darling

you want to walk a mile


Not a mile

you will feel  burdened


walking a few steps

you won’t get the chaos

my soul holds for years

living with me

you simply cannot save me from me

so I do a favor

I give you a chance

to walk away

and be free

Sometimes i envy thee

enjoying life

having it all

but that’s ok

cause that’s the world I want everyone to be

but I long understood

that’s certainly not the world for me

I am looking for a world

probably, is not here

or anywhere

and that conundrum

is just for me!

to figure

if there is some eternal peace

or just an endless plea

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