But all i love is night

from those aroundI hearpeople love lightsunshineall brightthey think it’s all joy and delightthe daythat brings activitiesand for people to further strive but all i love is nighti don’t see it darkor evilas they call it without a clear sightthe darkness of nightbrings many a thingsto my plightall i feel is peaceeveryone half deadhalf dead bodieswith … Read more But all i love is night

i am at edge of chaos

They say be who you are but i don’t know who i am am i girl a human a soul perhaps i am all this but broken shattered not knowing which part i am more and which i am less they saylove yourself but i don’t know what love is is it to look good … Read more i am at edge of chaos

I am losing myself!

I am losing myself I fear I will burst into dancing round and round With hair open Without a care Without my self-respect The way my soul yells The way my universe tells But I want to be like everyone else Prim and prompt Marching forward to excel As everything is going to last for … Read more I am losing myself!