Rice Flour Mask for uneven skin tone!

Last to last year I spent some time in Texas, which has extremely hot weather and since the university I was working in was too big, I had to walk a lot and also I had to do my outside chores all by myself, my skin got rugged and my complexion became quite uneven. As I am huge believer of skin care, I started searching for ways to help my skin and my YouTube searches brought me to few different homemade masks, the one that worked best for me is I am going to share with you all.


Rice flour             2 table spoon

White plain flour (maida)        2 table spoon

Milk                       1 to 2 table spoon depending on skin type

Rose water           enough to make paste


In a bowl put 2 table spoon of rice flour (only use the store bought rice flour, homemade flour from rice is not effective, I tried) then add 2 table spoons of plain flour and make a thick paste with only milk (if you have dry skin) and if you have oily skin put 1 table spoon milk and develop the paste with rose water or plain water.


  1. Apply a thick layer of paste on your face. Let it sit on your face for at least 20 minutes. It does not have to dry, to be removed.
  1. After 20 to 25 minutes, be very gentle while removing because rice flour is scratchy keep splashing water on the mask to make it easier to remove. Once all the mask is removed wash you face with plain water.
  1. Apply this at least twice a week for instant effective results.
  2. I use it once in 15 days because I am lazy and uneven skin is not an issue any more because in Pakistan others do most of my chores 😉

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