pyar ke sadqay

Pyar ke sadqay

Pyar ke sadqay is airing right now on HUM TV and is starred by Bilal Abbas and Yumna Zaidi.Initially when its teaser was released it didn’t catch much attention among audience. Two goofy characters passing silly dialogues making foolish moves did not set well with a Pakistani audience which is lulled in the saas Bahoo tragedy.

Recently a very slight but happy effort towards change in Pakistani drama industry can be felt. A month back I wrote an article on RUSWAI how that drama is proving to be a good standard for future dramas of Pakistani entertainment industry.Ruswai though sadly has saas bahoo bitchiness but it has much more to it as well.

you can read article on Ruswai here

Pyar ke sadqay, however, has no glimpse of typicality in it. There is no women plotting against women or women wailing over women. Pyar ke sadqay has the following elements that stands it completely apart from contemporary dramas:


what has lead Pakistani film industry to its decline was the story line. For a very long time Pakistani film industry dragged gandasa stories until the audience got tired and industry had not experimented anything new so it shut down.

PYAAR KA SADQAY is a hope for Pakistani drama industry. It reminds me of Haseena Moin time of dramas where there were happy girls who enjoyed life despite having troubles. Pyar ke sadqay gives me glimpses of Shahnaz Sheikh and Mareena khan’s Ankahee and Angan Tehraa where stories were lead by funny dialogues & realistic and interesting stories.

To sum it up Pyar k sadkay so far is about a guy who is disturbed in speech and behavior because of an ill behaving greedy step father and his driver’s goofy daughter who is pretty cute, funny even smart but not in the regular social way.

The good thing is that Pyar ke sadqay is developing the two characters story into something big rather than typical ‘love at first sight’ crap. The story has reflected how a lower class family is living a contented life with very less means and a very well fed family is living a happy-less life despite having every material thing and upper class standing.


Pyar ke sadqay

Experimental dramas with interesting direction is very common in Hollywood. In TV series like The Office and Parks and Recreation a documentary style is chosen for a drama series and experimental techniques when executed well settles great with audience.

Pyar ke sadqay , though very cautiously experimental with interesting direction is definitely vibing well with the kind of story at hand.
At many points side by side frames are used or unusual dress up is done for a lower middle class girl but it all is blending really well so far and not seeming an ultra effort to stand out like it happens in most comic TV serials of Pakistan.

The loft room of Mahajabeen is such an amazing idea for the kind of character and life she is living in her home.


My most favorite thing of Pyar ke sadqay is the cute, funny dialogues accompanied by perfect acting of Bilal Abbas and Yumna Zaidi. The dialogues don’t seem an extra effort of amusing the audience rather perfectly flow with the story. The dialogues are flowing so smoothly that even when sad dialogues of other characters are at play or even of Bilal Abbas’ character they don’t seem misfit in the story. Some of my most favorite dialogues/scenes are as follows:

4- PERFECT CASTING IN Pyar ke sadqay

Pyar ke sadqay

A major element in any drama’s success is the people casted, not necessarily star casting but the appropriate casting. Like in Ehde Wafa it seems very ridiculous to see grown up men shown as FSC boys in the beginning of TV serial but in PYAAR K SADDQAY Yummna and Bilal Abbas are perfectly chosen for their very roles.

Even in one interview Yummna reveled that Bilal abbas was very reluctant to take up this role but the director and producer convinced him into doing it because they were sure that he will settle well in the character.

I think Pyar ke Sadqay will gradually get even more popular and hopefully it will break the idiotic trend of Merey Pass tum Ho kind of sickeningly misogynistic TV serialS with half mad Khalil ur Rehman like writers.

I would 1000% recommend you to watch Pyar ke Sadqay it will lighten your mood and still give you glimpse in the bitter realities of life.

All praise for Pyaar ke Sadqay team. Keep bringing more dramas like this.

Even famous youtuber Momin Ali Munshee’s mom is all praise for Pyar ke Sadqay. Watch her review here:

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