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When I started blogging, I was looking for right audience and right guidance, after tumbling at a lot of places I finally found a group, PLB. Pakistani Lady bloggers (PLB) group is unique because of its critical and intellectual debates and fun banters over topics of vast variety. The group pushed me to work harder on my own blog because I saw so many other women doing such an exceptional job at their sites. Gradually I figured that the group is so active and efficient because of its passionate admin and moderators. I have seen Mehreen Farhan, the admin of PLB group, zealously writing and guiding other bloggers. Impressively she has arranged a few successful meetups of her group bloggers as well. Mehreen Farhan is one of the bloggers that is paving the way for intellectual growth and substantial cyber presence of Pakistani women. Let’s see what Mehreen Farhan said in response to my questions:

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1-What is your educational background?

I am a Bachelors with honors in Computer Science. Currently planning on my Masters in the same field. 

2-How did you decide to become a blogger?

I’ve always, always loved writing. I’ve always had diaries and notebooks. I’ve written dedications to my mother and countless stories; some complete and some incomplete. I’ve also always had a thing for “technology” and gadgets as a kid. In 2008, a friend introduced me to this rad new thing called “Blogspot blogs” and the rest is history.

3-Is blogging beneficial financially and for personal growth?

Blogging/writing regularly is always very good for personal growth. You are able to align your thoughts better as well as grow your skill in different ways. As for the financial aspect of blogging, that requires a different intent to blogging than just growth. The personal growth benefits of blogging are instant whereas the financial benefits may take some time.

4-How and when did you decide to initiate Pakistani Lady Bloggers group?

In 2016, I decided to revive my blogging activity. I built The Pakistani Woman platform meant to offer different articles on women issues. I regularly write on sensitive topics and also accept guest posts very frequently. But then, I needed a concentrated place of readers who loved reading blogs so that the knowledge base we were building could have an audience. I was surprised to find out there was no such community dedicated solely to the cause of Pakistani female bloggers of Pakistan. And so, in order to find like minded bloggers and readers, I founded Pakistani Lady Bloggers. The growth was very slow and very, very organic. But Alhumdullilah our patience and efforts paid off. Now we boost of more than 8k very talented female bloggers of Pakistan, an entirely organic member base.

5-How do you feel about such a massive success of your PLB group since it has such a high and well knitted fan base?

I feel elated. I also feel overwhelmed by the sheer talent it holds. It is a reminder to me that good things take time and there is a first step to everything. The rest just follows.

6-What difficulties have you faced as a blogger?

Since I first started blogging in 2008, I faced the problem of having the right readership. After all, what is a writer without the readers? But I solved that to a great deal later on, when PLB was created. Now, many bloggers have found their own readership through the same community.

7- Why do you want to develop blogging awareness in people especially among women?

Four years ago, while going through a personal crisis, I took up studies once again. It was a life changing experience for me because it gave a new perspective to the way I saw things. Once you see that something benefits you, and can benefit others, you must find ways of passing on that knowledge to others. Blogging or writing about it is one of the easiest ways one can pass on their thoughts about something or share their knowledge of a skill. So I want to equip women with that basic knowledge of how to be able to share what they know with the world. The intent is very simple: to empower others to empower others.

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8-How do you think female bloggers will contribute to female fate in Pakistan?

Women can move mountains if they want! They are the hands that rock the cradles of the world. Bloggers are very generous with collaborations. I believe they can achieve a lot of they put their minds to it and have community growth in their agendas.

9-Do you think blogging can be a full time career for any person (especially financially)?

Yes, of course. We do have examples in PLB where women have taken up blogging as a full time career. It does require one to be very, very committed and goal oriented.

10– Would you like to share your top 3 blogging tips with us?

1) Be yourself and be very honest with your audience.2) Work on your language skills no matter which language you choose for your blog.3) If you want to build your readership, then step out of your comfort zone and start reading others. Network with them and do so very respectfully.

11- As far my fb stalking skills concerned you are married, how do you balance your domestic life and your passion towards your PLB group and your blog?

It has a lot to do with the kind of person you are married to. I work full time, manage PLB and am also studying at the moment. Needless to say, it takes a huge chunk out of my time and energy. My husband understand what these things mean to me and Alhumdullilah he is very supportive. I say, the credit goes to him, completely.

12-What would you to say to educated girls who are married and who want to begin a career- what is your advice or tip for them?

Take your spouse in your confidence. Try to build the sort of understanding with your partner where your decisions are your own and not influenced by any third person. Bear in mind that once you start working, your life can get insanely busy. Be ready for the hustle. It can get tiring but it’s very rewarding.

13- I have observed you over my one and half years of blogging experience that you are insanely passionate about PLB, about conducting workshops, having awareness discussions- Why do you have so much passion for all this-  I mean what is your vision that you want to accomplish?

Like I said before, I want to empower women to empower others. Women are the building blocks of any society and their impact seeps in really, really dee as compared to men. I want to see a day when our common woman spends more time at the book shop than she does at a lawn suit sale.I also want to women become knowledge absorbing machines (sorry, I’m just so passionate about this!) and that they worry about teaching everything right to their children. I want to see women argue about history, about world affairs, and cultures than just idle talk.I want them to know that education stops only when they stop appreciating the knowledge around them.

14- What are your views on feminism and women empowerment?

That women can accomplish everything they work hard and honestly for.

15- What future do you see of pakistani women?

Like I answered in question 13, I want them to be smart, I want to see them talk about intellectual stuff and be the mind blowing beings God intended them to be


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