Last night the famous awards of Pakistani entertainment industry were held, LUX AWARDS 2019. This year many celebrities were missing at the most awaited awards. One reason for many not coming might be the controversy regarding nominees. But those who did show up glittered and glamoured the night as always. Following is our take on who looked super smoking hot.

Divas on point at Lux Style awards 2019

1-Mahira Khan

as always Mahira looked her best at Lux Style awards 2019. She rocked the dress of a western designer and promoted her upcoming movie Super Star

Mahira Khan look for lux award 2019
mahira khan on red carpet of lux awards 2019

2- Maya Ali

Maya looked stunning accompanied by Sheyar Munawar promoting their movie Paray Hut Love

Maya ali with Sheryar munawar on lux awards 2019
Maya ali on LUX awards 2019 red carpet

3- Sonya Hussain

Sonya Hussain gave us Deepika vibes once again but still carrying her own personality very strongly at LUX Style awards 2019

Sonya Hussain at LUX STYLE awards 2019
Sonya hussai make up look for lux awards 2019
Sonya Hussain’s make up totally vibed with her outfit

4- Mawra Hussain

Though this year the Hoccain sisters kept it very low for lux awards 2019, yet Mawra like always was able to get everyone’s attraction on red carpet.

mawra hussain at lux awards 2019

5- Zubab Rana

The emerging actress exactly gave barbie vibes at the red carpet of LUX awards 2019

zubab rana look for lux awards 2019
zubab rana make up look for lux awards 2019

6- Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas looked smoking sizzling on the red carpet with her husband.

Zara noor abbas with husband assad sidiqui on lux awards 2019

7- Ushna Shah

Ushna was able to pull off a very experimental dress on red carpet but she totally was able to carry it the way it should have been.

Ushna Shah look for Lux Awards 2019

8- Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat Gillani was one actress that reminded us that it is still summers and wore a very mild color and natural make up for lux awards 2019

Sarwat Gillani for lux awards 2019

Divas OFF point at Lux Style awards 2019

Though everyone looked amazing in their own way but stylistically some celebs were not able to pull off the extravagant and elegant look for the biggest awards of the country. Here is our list:

1- Sana Javaid

Sana javaid for lux awards 2019

2- Sadaf Kanwal

sadaf kanwal for lux awards 2019

3- Saba Qamar

saba qamar on red carpet of lux awards 2019

4-Amna Hussain

Amna Hussain for lux awards 2019

5-Mehwish Hayyat

Mehwish hayat on red carpet of lux awards 2019

6-Iqra Aziz

Though Iqra chose a very creative dress but with her make up and entire ensemble it looked more messy and too over the top than elegant and exuberant.

iqra aziz and yasir hussain for lux awards 2019

7- Manasha Pasha

Mansha Pasha looked definitely under dressed for such a big event

Mansha Pasha for lux awards 2019

This was our take on lux awards red carpet looks. What do you think who looked best and who needs to work on style a little more 🙂


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