Theme: a deaf female writer lives alone in a less populated, dark area is followed by a murderer.

Genre: Horror, thrill and suspense

Why to Watch:

1- Though the entire movie happens in one house, mostly between two people but it has pulled all the essentials of a good horror movie.

2- plot is very strongly built

3- suspense remains till the very end

4- nail-biting thrill through out the movie

Who would not enjoy it:

1- obliviously people who don’t like horror genre of entertainment

2- people who like extreme horror won’t find it too scary

3- people who don’t like violence, because a few scenes are quite violent (just a few)

4- it does not contain too much drama, it has slow development of thrill

When to watch:

1- a family appropriate movie, so enjoy it together with family on a fun weekend

2- best option for collective watching with friends on a sleep over

If you get easily scared, don’t watch it alone. The movie has potential to keep you awake all night just to make sure nothing is behind curtains or under your bed. so I would say it is quite an amusing option for people who enjoy thrill and suspense.

Rating: 4/5

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