Kim Kardashian before and after contour (so contour does wonders!)



Contouring is a make up technique basically to provide a defined shape and structure to your face.

for example:

suppose I have a very roundish face with chubby cheeks and I want sharp jawline and high cheek bones to make my face look thin and model like than contouring can help me by giving the illusion of sharp jawline and high cheek bones.

Contouring Products:

Things required for contouring:

a)contour powder/cream

b)blending brush/beauty blender

i)so contouring is always done with darker brown shades and now cream and powder contours are available in the market.

ii)I like powder contour because I live at a hot place and cream contour creates crease and looks sweaty after a while.

iii)both cream or powder contour products are equally fine depending upon what you and your skin is comfortable with.

iv) I have not bought any specific popular brand’s contour kit, I just explored options in the cosmetics store and bought the one available and it is working quite fine for me.

following are picture of my cream contour palette and powder contour

How to contour your face step by step:

Step 1:

Properly apply base (foundation/bb cream, face powder) to make it contour ready

Step 2:

take any brown shade (in darker tone) like shown in the picture below

Step 3:

Create a map of contour on your face as shown in picture below

a)create a 3 on both sides of face, starting from forehead, down under the cheeks and then take it to chin

contouring overall sketch!

this is how i contour, i have applied powder but not blended yet!

Step 4:

a)to achieve natural contoured face blend with a buffing brush (or any fluffy brush or even with a beauty blender)

b)cream contours can be blended with fingers as well

note: natural look with contouring is best because it gives a feel that naturally your face is really structured.

Step 5:

blend in circular motions to make the brown color part of your natural skin



note: it is a very risky technique because if not done correctly it can make your face look unstructured and un-even toned. so make sure to practice it a lot before actually doing it for outside world. But once perfected it can do wonders by helping you achieve model like look of perfect face shape.

Soon I will be putting tutorial on how to highlight properly… stay tuned!

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