Highlighting is not something that was always present in cosmetics products. But ever since highlighter is introduced, people love having it in their over all look.

what is highlighter?

Highlighter is a shinny product that you apply on high points of your face (cheek bone, arched bone under eye brows, bridge of nose, a little on chin) to achieve fresh and glowing skin illusion.

Types of highlighter?

Mostly highlighter is available in powder and thick paste like liquid consistency. If you have oily skin go for powdery highlighters and if you have dry to normal skin you can choose any- powder or paste like liquid highlighters.

When to Apply highlighter in make up steps?

once you prepared the base on your face (primer>foundation> face powder) then contour and highlight your face. Usually highlighting is done right after contouring because contouring defines face structure and highlighter gives freshness and definition to face.

for contouring I uploaded a tutorial before, here is the link to it:

How to apply highlighter:


look at the below picture, the brown marked area of face in the form of 3 is a place to contour on both sides of face, and the white marked area should be highlighted on both sides of face.

step 1:

take any highlighter of your choice & take a soft bristles brush

Step 2:

pick the product just on the tip of brush’s bristles. (if you have liquid highlighter than take small amount on your finger tip)

Step 3

Lightly brush the product back and forth on the cheek bone and roundish corner area of forehead as marked in picture below (remember to move the brush gently to apply product above the base, we don’t want it to seep into our base, we want it to shine above base.

in case of liquid highlighter apply slight dots on cheek bone and forehead roundish corner area and then gently spread the highlighter with light finger massage like motion, back and forth.

Here is the final look after application:

Note: Apply less product in the beginning because if you want more shine you can take more product and build it up but if you apply a lot in the beginning you would give an unnatural shine and if you try to remove, you will have to start make up from the beginning.

oh yes! and as I always say nothing comes on the first attempt, to get your desired look you gotta practice. so practice and become perfect! 😉

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