How To Achieve Natural Pink Lips with make up – Step By Step Tutorial With Pictures

A lot of girls, especially the working ladies, like natural make up look and a core part of natural look is the lip color. If your lips look dry, cracky discolored or multi colored (like mine) you would never perfect the natural look.

If you have multi toned lips and you want to achieve a soft pink natural lips by make up, following are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Apply a lip balm or Vaseline on your lips. Let it sit for 3 minutes ( i sometimes use Maybelline lip balm and sometimes use Vaseline)

Step 2: After 3 minutes remove all Vaseline or lip balm from your lips with a cloth or tissue paper, make sure to put enough pressure to remove any dry skin or clear crack spots (not too much not too less pressure just balanced pressure with cloth)

Below is a picture of my natural lips (which looks surprisingly a little better than they actually are, my lips are darker from outer corner and a little pink rather red-ish in the middle)

after removing lip balm

Step 3:

take any matte or dry-ish concealer

not of any specific brand, just found it randomly on a shop

Step 4: apply swatches of concealer on lips, just a few not too many

Step 4: spread the swatches of concealer gently with index finger on all over lips

this creates base on lips for gloss or lipstick

Step 5: now take a red lip gloss or red lip stick, even a maroon-ish lip color would work too

this is by LA Girl brand

Step 6: apply a few swatches of red lipstick/gloss on lips (in beginning apply less then you can add more swatches to enhance color later)

Step 7: spread the swatches with the help of index finger, spread it all over lips

note: if the color seems too much pink or red gently press your lips on the back of your hand to remove extra color

Step8: Wolah! Your pink lips are all set for the glow and spark

Step 9: if this seems too natural or too matte to you add a transparent or pinkish lip gloss (as I always do)

this is very light almost transparent, in picture it looks dark.
one of my most favorite lip color look because you can carry it very easily and confidently

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