Himalaya Herbal Neem foam Face wash-Detailed Review

Himalaya Herbal Neem foam Face wash

I am using this Himalaya Herbal Neem foaming Face wash for Normal to oily skin. It is a foam face wash.This is my second bottle I randomly grabbed it in Imtiaz mall and can’t be more joyous about my choice.

This face wash gives great foam only in one pump (though I usually take 2 pumps at a time). The bottle is 150 ml and has lasted about three months.

Himalaya Herbal Neem foam Face wash

Its formula is soap free and that’s why does not soak off natural skin oil and gives a very soft n clean texture to skin. The best part for which I am using it constantly is that it has taken away my pimples. I don’t have acne skin but I was getting one or two pimples for past one year and Idid everything to avoid them but luckily ever since I am using Himalaya Herbal foam face wash I have completely gotten rid of those annoying or two pimples. This perhaps because its formula has neem and turmic elements in it.


1-Soap free formula so does not cause dry flaky skin

2- has neem and turmeric so keeps the bacteria away and gives pimple free skin

3- thoroughly cleans from the skin pores

4-good to use after removing make up because it cleans the left over make up very well

5-only one pump is enough for normal face wash and two to three pumps for after make up removal for washing face


1- take one or two pumps of foam according to your choice

2- rub the product on your face gently with hands or best with brush cleanser (like the one available in miniso)

3- make sure to rub the leather of face wash for at least 2 to 3 minutes in circular motion.

4- rinse off with water (for best results rinse off with cold water)

Himalaya Herbal Neem foam Face wash


I would highly recommend it to all of you. Rather than buying expensive face washes get this one and have clear and fresh skin.


I think in Imtiaz they charged me something around 380 rupees for this 150 ml bottle

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