´╗┐Top YouTube Beauty Guru Pony uses Green Tea Water on her face for Skin Care!

Personal experience of using

Using Green Tea water of and on for skin care for last 1 year

Green tea is famous in Asian cultures for years for its multi-use and numerous benefits. Especially  Chinese, Iranians, Turkish, Koreans and Japanese use it on daily basis, even with their meals.  And Asians don’t just use it for drinking, they even apply it on their skin in multiple ways for improving skin health. Why it is so popular? because of the following established benefits:

Benefits of Green Tea Use for Skin Care

1-powerful antioxidant called EGCG fights DNA damage from UV rays.

2-Appropriate use of green tea, because of anti-oxidants helps in combating aging by preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

3- Increases fat burning.

4-anti inflammatory properties reduces redness, swelling and irritation.

5- anti bacterial qualities helps in for treating acne and unclogging pores.

6-Green tea has Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E that helps maintain skin health quite vehemently.

7-Green tea contains Tannis and caffeine that shrinks blood vessels around your eye area thus helps in solving the problem of dark circles and puffiness.

Caution in Green Tea Use for Skin Care

In Pakistan a lot of people feel drinking tons of green tea will solve their health and skin problems miraculously. 

This notion is wrong! why? because green tea has serious side effects as well if used inappropriately. 

One of major side effects is causing extreme dryness with in and outside the body

I will write another post on how much and in which way green tea should be used for weight reduction because last year my elder sister drank tons of green tea to lose weight and faced health issues to a point where she had to visit a doctor. 

Appropriate Use for Skin

Famous international Korean YouTube beauty guru Pony uses green tea twice a week on her skin to reduce redness and for prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. I will post link of her skin care routine below at the end of post for you to see in detail.

Procedure on how to use Green Tea for Skin Care

this is how I use it.

1-take one tea bag of green tea

2-now boil one small cup of water and dip green tea bag in it

3-keep this cup with green tea+ tea bag in it for about 3 to 4 hours in fridge

4-Now take a bowl with three full glasses of water at normal room temperature.

5-add that one cup of green tea in three glasses of water

6-either dip your face for one minute (with pauses in between for catching breath) or splash this water on you skin for at least for 20 seconds.

Tip: use the used tea bag by putting it on your eye lids for relaxation and for reduction of dark circles

caution: do not use it on daily basis because it may cause skin dryness. use it twice or once a week.

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