Epilator vs Waxing…………. Which one is better for Skin!

Everyone knows waxing is to remove hair by application of wax and then removing it with a stiff cloth.

Whereas Epilator is an electronic gadget to remove hair. But the question is which one is better to be used.

So today we will discuss it from three aspects, result wise which gives better skin texture and which is safe for skin in the long run. Also which one is more cost effective and convenient to use. So let’s see

1)Hair Removal Result:



Final Verdict:

Epilator for sure!

I would totally recommend epilator most importantly because it is safe for skin, your skin does not get pulled every other minute for hair removal. From money perspective as well it is cost effective because in one go it sounds daunting to spend 3000 rupees but one machine can easily be used for 4 to 5 years and perhaps more if kept with care (I am using my sister’s Braun epilator for last 5 years). For wax every month you have to spend little money. Epilator is time saving and especially for working women epilator is really convenient, even in the morning if you don’t like a few hair on your arm or leg, you can just plug in the machine and swish off the unwanted hair unlike wax where you have to first melt than find a sturdy cloth then apply with a spatula etc. etc. So I would recommend you to invest once in a good epilator and make things easier for you. And as I mentioned earlier with epilator gradually hair gets thinner and grow back lesser so that’s the best part.

Which epilator is best? Since I have 2 one of Remington and one of Braun. Read Review of Remington and Braun epilator here on this link:

2 thoughts on “Epilator vs Waxing…………. Which one is better for Skin!”

  1. Epilator is convenient to use but it is so painful. Is there any pain-free thing available for hair removing?

    • Epilator is not painful if used properly i will soon post a tutorial for correct way of using an epilator. However girls’ razors are now a very common thing to remove hair, they don’t reduce hair growth as in case of epilator but they are completely painless and do not increase thickness of hair, hair comes back as they were before cause razor does not remove hair from root.

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