Dushman-e-jaan- a surprisingly good drama


dushman-e-jaan- a surprisingly good drama

Most Pakistani dramas, especially the ones airing on ARY right now are complete disappointment. A vast majority of ARY dramas are about beating wives, helpless women or commercial rape stories. I have quit watching ARY dramas for a while now. But this recent drama Dushman-e-jaan accidentally caught my attention and then kept it secure until now. Dushman-e-jaan is even praised and liked by famous youtuber Momin Ali Munshi and his mother which they have talked about in their show “Amma Tv aur Ma” on Galaxy Lollywood.

Before I tell you why this drama, Dushman-e-jaan, is so impressive, let me give you a very short and spoiler free version of its theme and story.

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It is about a guy, Mohib Mirza, who is raised by two career driven parents. This guy becomes really frustrated about his life for lack of love and attention. He has regular encounter with a common girl, Tooba Siddiqui, working at his office. The girl comes to the guy’s house for a meeting and to drop her back home the guy gives her a ride. On the way, he drops her half way because of a fight. As he leaves, she is kidnapped and killed. The guy fills with repentance. There is a lot more to this story but I don’t want to reveal all aspects.

Why Dushman-e-jaan is such an impactful story?

1-Not the regular Brat

The story is very unique generally the dramas that depict a neglected brat rich guy, he is shown to be spoiled to a point that he becomes revengeful and arrogant to lethal level. From the beginning of drama I was expecting him to be the rapist and that is why I did not have much high hopes for this series but as the drama slowly unfolded it turned out completely opposite.

Even the drama builds the scene like that- Hatim in the dark night, on a lonely road shouts and rages at Rimsha. Many of us think he is the one who would mishandle her because that is what regular Pakistani dramas show that rich guy is spoiled because of his money and has no clue for a person’s respect or life. But the only but major mistake Hatim commits is to drop her on a lonely road half way.

Hatim is rich but not an uncouth or a power enthusiast . He is someone who knows he has attitude and anger issues. Once he gets to know that Rimsha has not reached home after he dropped her off half way at night he regrets and angers at himself for doing the wrong thing.

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2-Not the regular Rich

Another brilliant thing about this drama is a non-stereotypical depiction of rich people. The rich family in this drama reflects that they have achieved everything out of massive hard work and they do realize the price of their doings. They do know if they don’t work hard, they can lose a lot and also realize how much their life has gotten affected because of their work.

They are shown to be people who know the value of life despite being caught up in their businesses. When Hatim tells his mother that he dropped Rimsha off half way at night she tells him that he did wrong. They are not shown to be a family who is over obsessed with their wealth and lifestyle which is really good for a change for Pakistani dramas.

3- Not Over depiction of rape scene for commercial value

Another great thing so far about this story is that it is neither sensationalizing nor commercializing the rape incident. In a precious hit drama Cheekh they kept on showing snippets of scene where the girl was about to be raped but this drama has even muted the word rape where it is used.

Initially I did not like the drama because the teaser showed the girl chased by a bunch of guys and I don’t like commercial promotion of rape scenes because I feel, it some how desensitize such a heinous act. But during drama, they have not shown it much.

dushman-e-jaan drama review

4-Not Villainizing Women

Most Pakistani dramas, when they don’t have strong content, they do 2 things either they show extremely poor and pious girl with painful life or depict life of an extremely evil rich girl or sometimes both as it happens in “Thora sa Haqq” on ARY.

Thank God so far Dushman-e-jaan has not villain-ised major female characters of the drama. Rather all lead females are women supporters and logically rational. When Hatim’s mother, a rich business woman, gets to know about Rimsha’s death she is petrified she could not believe her son’s mistake lead to such a big tragedy. At no point Hatim’s mother is seen to be dirt splashing Rimsha which is common thing in Paki dramas. I have really liked this aspect of Dushman-e-jaan

5-Not the overly Popular cast

One thing that is proven by this drama is that good content neither needs massive promotion nor high up cast. This drama is aired without major promotions or even without any long promo trailers. We did not even see its cast being invited to “Good Morning Pakistan” to beg viewers to watch it. I don’t remember watching any major trailer of it either.

I remember how GALTI was so laboriously promoted because Do Bol cast was bringing another drama but despite promotion GALTI and JHOOTI has proven to be shallow dramas with weak stories.

Once drama has a good story and the director makes the mediocre actors act well, the drama is bound to be liked by the regular audience.

I hope like CHEEKH, RANJHA RANJHA KARDI, Dushman-e-jaan does not slowly move to illogical development because for some reason our dramas thrive on over emotional sad stories that glorify pain bearing poor people. Many youtubers, bloggers are expecting a lot from this drama and I hope finally we get to see a logically made realistic story that satisfy and reflects common Pakistani people.

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