Dr Shehla Zahid runs a luxury lifestyle blog @justmakeupreviews that focuses on makeup education, elegant dressing, honest product reviews, easy makeup tutorials and advice on fashion with a great focus on plus size fashion and the ultimate aim of Dr Shehla Zahid, through her blog, is to lift women up in any possible way.

I personally got to know Dr.Shehla Zahid by the facebook group she runs. I very initially observed that she supports young girls in all ways possible to lift their confidence and to boost their passion. But I actually decided to request her to give an interview for my blog when I read her post about being criticized by society for having daughters and for wanting to pursue career. Her post lead me to realize that this is an extraordinary story of an ordinary woman who can inspire so many who are going through similar life situations.

I asked her many questions and very patiently and gracefully she answered all of them. Here is what I asked:

Dr.Shehla Zahid luxury blogger

1-How did you think of starting a fashion and makeup girl’s group?

Faisalabad Makeup, Beauty and Fashion Forum was conceived because I wanted the women to get personalized help regarding theses areas.

2-Why did you make this group?

It’s a closed group for women only. Most of the time they are shy to share with others. Plus we have many dermatologists on boards who very kindly offered their free help.

3-When did your love for fashion and makeup started?

Dr.Shehla Zahid luxury blogger of #justMakeupReviews

For about two decades I have been fascinated by fashion, beauty and makeup. But with the hit of Instagram and You tube bloggers I developed a keen interest in these areas. I watched thousands of videos and practiced and retained. I started in depth studying into the makeup and started buying and testing products.

4-A lot of people say that beauty bloggers are making girls more appearance conscious-what do you say about it?

It may sound rude but it is their inner complex talking. People will find a negative in everything. I think the beauty bloggers did an amazing job at educating women. It is Ok to be conscious about your looks and then you can work to improve it.

5-What is the definition of fashion to you?

Elegance, Comfort and Loving yourself to the core is Fashion to me

6-How important it is for girls to have a career and be financially independent?

The biggest gift the parents can give to their girls is of education and a direction to a career. In changing times, financial independence is mandatory.

7-Can you share your lowest moment of your life with us? (If you don’t want it’s ok)

In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast Cancer, which was like I was bulldozed by life and it hit me like no other thing in life.

8-How you got through that tough time?

By Sabr, Praying and Extensive Support from my Husband and Family

9-Usually beauty bloggers are super young and I have seen people criticizing you for blogging and doing makeup tutorials at your age-what would you say about it?

Hey, I am glad you brought it up. In my opinion you get old the minute you start thing you have hit a certain number. The middle aged women are the lot that need most help in area of makeup, beauty, skincare and fashion advice. No one is addressing them. In my opinion Age is just a Number.

10-A lot of people think that promoting luxury branded lifestyle encourages materialism in people-what do you say about it?

Dr.Shehla Zahid's interview, a luxury lifestyle blogger

People are very judgemental and they do not take these guiding videos as a fashion advice.

It is Allah’s Divide who are we to question it?

11-You have kids, you are a doctor and a blogger as well-how do you manage all this?

I have two teenagers and they are engrossed in school and studies. I am a doctor but never practiced medicine, I work in my family business since 2001 and beauty blogging is like a hobby. It lifts me up and I want to do so much more. Managing is some thing that I am very good at because I am a highly organized person. Each and every minute and hour of my life is calculated.

12-How supportive are your kids, especially your daughters are to your blogging career?

Blogging is not a career for me, I take it as an educational platform to help others. I have an exceptionally supportive non-objective family. My boys and my husband just leave me to it. One of my sons @ShameelZahid is a big hit on Tik Tok and he advises me on stuff too.

13-What was the best moment of your life and why?

The best moments in my life was when I got Cancer free, had my kids and moved to my own House Alhamdulillah about 5 Years Ago.

14-What is your goal or dream in life Career wise?

Career wise I am working in the family business as an administrator and CEO since 2001 and Alhamdulillah have achieved more than I could even imagine. Now as far as my Beauty Blog is concerned I want to do much more.

15-What is the secret of success according to you?

Hey, It’s a cocktail of honesty, hardwork, charity and Allah’s Will.

16-How do you keep negativity away or not let it affect you?

Patience, Love for all mankind, Firm belief in ALLAH, Staying away from negative influences, Praying and Tasbihaat.

16-One life advice you want to give all the girls?

Life is not a fairy tale, Nobody is perfect, No one you see on Social Media is perfect either. We are all blessed in different ways. Believe in yourself, Love yourself, don’t waste time on bringing others down. Be a good human being and everything around you will start turning up nice and better.

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Dr Shehla Zahid is such an inspiration for all middle aged women who feel that after kids and married life they can’t have a career or passion of their own.

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