Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum

Product size:

50ml /69oz

Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum

Product price:

550 to 1000 rupees on different websites

Product Packaging:

Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum packaging
  • The product comes in a glass bottle with a dropper lid. The dropper is used to apply the product.
  • The glass quality of bottle is quite good. It is not easily breakable but if you drop it with force it will definitely break. Serums mostly come in glass packaging because their formula is sensitive to other kind of packaging.
  • Dropper also works perfectly and of averagely good quality.

What Product Claims:

On the bottle of Dr Rashel Vitamin C serum, the company claims that the product

  •  is light weight and extremely effective that removes dark spots caused by sun exposure.
  • Removes pigmentation and discoloration
  • Evens the skin tone
  • Reduces wrinkles chances
  • Minimizes existing wrinkles
  • has vegan formula that plumps the skin
  • Gives radiant glow and Enhances skin texture.

My Experience & if the product claims are true?

Before Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum, I had not used any serum I only used lotions for skin softening. But as I heard a lot about serums I decided to buy one. Reviewing the prices most of face serums are highly expensive since they are made of highly concentrated formulas. The pricey ones are claimed to have refined elements.

However among Arab beauty yotubers, Dr Rashel became a huge buzz in last couple of years. Many Arab yotubers claimed that despite its inexpensive price it has effective formula and after hearing all such praises I decided to get one for myself.

Here is what I experienced:


Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum consistency
Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum consistency
  • Number 1 hands down serums are magic potions; I am never going to stop using serums in winters. if you have dry skin serums are your best buddy. You would completely forget about lotions once you start using serums.
  • Number 2 Dr Rashel vitamin C face serum definitely has light weight formula. Though like any serum it does feel sticky in the beginning but after 20 minutes of application it does not give any sticky feel rather gets absorbed very smoothly in the skin.
  • It definitely evens the skin tone, in the sense that the skin tone variation that happens due to sun and dust exposure it does reduce that.
  • The miracle in my case that Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum has done is that it has completely removed my acne marks. Though I have not had severe acne but the problem is that randomly the acne I get, it leaves marks. I regularly applied this serum on my acne marks and they are completely gone.
  • Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum brings beautiful glow and brightness to the skin
  • Though I don’t have wrinkles but the lines under my eyes look much milder now. I also apply it on the outter edges of my eye socket to avoid crow feet and till now that area is completely smooth
  • Most definitely gives a childlike plumpness to skin

CONS (Product claims that failed me)

  • Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum has not removed or even reduced my pigmentation at all. My pigmentation is still very much there.
  • My long time exiting discoloration above upper lip  only lightened a bit but did not disappear

How to Use?

  • I very thoroughly wash my face and make sure all dirt is removed
  • I take two drops of Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum and apply it evenly on my face.
  • I always, remember ALWAYS, use derma roller after applying serum that actually gives faster and stronger results.
  • I use it twice a day. Once before sleeping and second in the morning before applying make up

Care required for Any Serum

Place any serum in refrigerator because heat causes the serums to lose their effectiveness

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Where to buy the product from?

I bought it from Daraz.pk from a trusted seller after reading good amount of reviews and talking with seller on Daraz chat. Here is the link I bought it from.https://www.daraz.pk/products/vitamin-c-facial-serum-whitening-anti-aging-for-all-skin-type-50ml-i101559186-s1247034510.html

You can either get it from here or from any other place which is even more trusted


Considering its price it is definitely a worth buying product because it gives much better and longer smoothness and hydration then a lotion.

However if you are looking for a serum purely for removing pigmentation or discoloration then I would not suggest you to buy Dr Rashel Vitamin C face serum. You should go for expensive ones like PIXI or The Ordinary products

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