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I am a skincare enthusiast and that’s why I keep looking for better products and keep reviewing them on my blog. A few days ago I wrote a detailed article on 3D Massage roller and its benefits. Read the article here:

derma roller-review by lifestyle by munaza

1-What is micro needling (or derma rolling) procedure?

Micro needling or derma rolling is a procedure with which tiny pricks are made to skin in order to puncture the skin slightly. The pricking in skin is done with safe tinny skin friendly needles. The wounds on a human body have tendency to naturally heal themselves. Therefore, micro needling or derma rolling theory is that when tiny punctures are made to skin, skin will get tiny wounds. Once the skin knows it has wounds, it will produce collagen to heal the punctured parts. The collagen producing at the wounded area will also repair and fix other problems existing near the wound like acne scars, open pores, tinny bumps or uneven skin tone due to sun exposure etc.

2-What is a derma roller?

Derma Roller is a 12 to 15 inches long instrument, mostly with a plastic handle and a needle roller head.

Explanation: On one end of handle is attached a roller of roughly half to 1-inch width with tinny needles fixed on it. The number, size and the material of needles is different in different derma rollers. The user selects number, size and material of needles according to his/her skin requirement.

3-Derma Roller material, Needle size and number of needles Guide

There are a tons of derma roller available in market both in average to very high price. Usually the higher the price, the safer are needles to use on skin. The high-priced derma rollers have high quality needles. Majorly the needles are made of two types of material either titanium or stainless steel.

3 (a) Difference between titanium vs stainless steel needle

Titanium needles

  • Titanium material is considered safe for skin because it rusts very late and is sharp enough to not cause skin infection.
  • Though titanium is light weight but strong enough not to get broken or bended while use because that can cause danger to skin.
  • Also, the strength of titanium needles allows derma roller to be used for long time. Titanium needles don’t bend easily even if the roller falls. Once even a few needles bend, the derma roller becomes completely useless.
  • But titanium needles in comparison to stainless steel are not as sharp therefore their result is slower. Also titanium needles may cause a little bleeding to skin because of lack of razor sharpness.
  • Moreover, hygienically titanium needles need more effort and time for cleaning, derma rollers can take microorganism on top of skin to inside the skin therefore titanium needles need to be thoroughly disinfected before use.
  • Many companies are now introducing gold plated or silver plated titanium needles to avoid hygienic risk to skin

Stainless Steel needles

  • Stainless steel is always considered perfect for surgical or skin related instruments because of its high resistance to corrosion or rusting. Stainless needles are used for tattooing as well because of its safe properties.
  • In comparison to titanium, stainless steel needles are sharper and cause least itching or bleeding to skin
  • Though stainless steel is sharper and safer but it is very light weight and have strong chance of wearing out sooner.
  • Stainless steel needles if used with force or fall on the ground get bended very quickly.
  • Stainless steel needles are hygienically safer than titanium because of resistance to microorganisms, many people claim that stainless steel material has the property of self-cleaning.

Final verdict over titanium vs stainless steel needles:

In comparison to titanium, stainless steel needles should be preferred but they are more costly than titanium needles. Titanium needles are not bad at all, they just need be used with more care and efficiency

                3 (b) which needles size is best for derma rolling or micro needling?

               Derma roller needles sizes vary from 0.2mm to 3mm

derma roller needles size chart, lifestyle by munaza
derma roller needles size chart
  • Lesser size needles don’t do much, they don’t make the skin to produce collagen because they don’t cause enough injury on skin.  The needles of 0.2 to 0.4 mm needles just help skin to absorb skin product in a much better way and therefore makes the upper layer of skin to thicken and give less way to deeper layers for any infection
  • 0.5 needles can be used by people with mild skin issues like light wrinkles, mild fine lines, a few lines under eyes, a few light marks etc. 0.5 mm needles of derma roller also do not produce any collagen
  • 1mm needless and above help the skin to produce collagen and help the skin to work faster to resolve skin issues. 1mm size needle is best for hyper pigmentation, acnes marks, stretch marsk, wrinkles. 1mm derma roller can be easily used for forehead, cheeks and should be very very carefully used on areas around eyes.
  • Derma roller needles above 1mm are used for skin other than face like thighs, head, arms etc for marks, sagging skin etc.
  • Derma roller needles of 2mm and above should be used by professional or in presence of professional guidance because they cause deeper injury to skin
derma roller needles size chart, lifestyle by munaza

3(c) Number of needles

Previously available derma roller used to have 240 needles and they were placed far apart. Because of less number of needles, the effective effect of derma roller used to be very slow. Now derma roller with as less needles as 240 are not available in market or even if they are, people should not buy them. Now all derma roller are 540 needles or above and needles are placed very close to each other, making them more efficient for good results on skin.

4-Packaging of the derma roller

As I mentioned before some derma rollers are quite expensive where as some are of average price but most of derma rollers that I have seen come in solid plastic casing. The solid casing is required for proper protection of derma needles. Price difference is more related to needles than outside packaging of derma roller.


General claims about derma rolling on skin are following

  • Reduces open pores
  • Removes scars of acne
  • Removes pigmentation
  • Removes normal light acne
  • Removes stretch marks
  • Removes dark circles
  • Improves skin texture
  • Gives even skin tone
  • Lifts skin
  • Tightens skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces double chin
  • Improves hair growth on head and helps to get rid of baldness or thinning of hair


I will review these claims on the basis of my personal experience. Last year in September 2019 I started hearing about derma roller. I started watching tons of YouTube tutorials to analyze if this is ‘in fashion thing’ or actually something that is skin improving.

My skin is very problematic. I have hyper pigmentation for past 10 to 11 years. I get mild acne on and off and because of acne I regularly have acne scars as well. In summers I face open pores issue as well.

I bought my derma roller around 7 to 8 months ago. And in the beginning used it very regularly then gradually because of my insanely busy routine I used it off and on.


  • My hyper pigmentation almost remained same. There was a little bit improvement meaning that my freckles got a little lighter but not any massive change at all.
  • My acnes scars completely disappeared.
  • Pockmarks/acnes dimples (the small deep area happen due to acne) got removed completely
  • My open pores issue was resolved to around 80%
  • My skin tone became much even about 80 to 90%
  • My upper area of lips has darkness around it, it got much much lighter though not completely removed, may be because I discontinued the process but it got lightened enough to be easily hid by any average concealer.
  • My skin texture improved and became very smooth


  • A little itchy and slightly painful in the beginning
  • Need to be done regularly or the results are very temporary
  • Tool needs proper rigorous cleaning which is very time taking


how to use derma roller on cheeks, lifestyle by munaza
how to use derma roller on cheeks
  • wash face with soap first
  • take creamy cleanser and cleanse face really well
  • Then double cleanse face with liquid cleanser like Himalaya herbal neem foam face wash
  • Then very gently scrub face
  • Then take the derma roller out of warms water mixed with a few drops of liquid detol
  • First move derma roller in horizontal direction on one cheek five time on each area
  • Cover all area of one side of cheek by repeating horizontal rolling
  • Then move to the other cheek and do the same horizontal rolling
  • After resting for 20 second apply some good vitamin c serum just a drop or two. Masage serum with fingers gently into your skin
  • Now roll derma roller in vertical direction on one cheek five time on all area of cheek. Then do the same on the other cheek
  • After vertical roll derma roller in diagonal direction 5 time on both cheeks
  • Repeat rolling procedure of horizontal, vertical and diagonal for forehead and double chin area.
  • Around eyes be very careful and gentle and only do mild horizontal rolling.
  • At the end, apply 1 or 2 drops of vitamin C serum and after 20 to 30 minutes of vitamin C serum, apply some good moisturizer.

detailed video on how to use derma roller is available on this link:

7(a)Tips before and after derma rolling

Dip derma roller in one cup warm water mixed with few drops of liquid detol. Dip derma roller for good 30 minutes to ensure removal of all germs


I bought an average derma roller of Skin Roller System Company form a trusted seller of here is the link of the seller:

I would suggest you the skinfit they have expensive but very high-quality derma roller. The skin fit is trusted sellers as I have bought bubble chocolate mask from them earlier and it was of very high quality. Chocolate bubble mask from The SkinFit review is available on this link


Derma rollers are available in various prices depending upon the quality and brand. The price range starts from 800 rupees and goes up to 5000 rupees. I would suggest you if you have money to invest, buy a good one because it really is a miracle for your skin. Always pair derma rolling procedure with vitamin C serum because they work best together.

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