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Review Writer: Ms.Ghilmana Sarmad

The fact that you are an instagramer, you can’t resist to watch those sixty seconds video clips which takes you into the latest trends popping up in the world of showbiz, cosmetics, fashion, music industry and what not. So, scrolling through my Instagram one day, I came across this sponsored video of different cosmetic tools under the name “Beautify by Amna”. So like any other girl, I browsed through its Instagram page and came across so many products that every girl needs to have in her vanity table.

Being a Pakistani, nothing makes me more proud to see my country and its people flourishing in different fields especially when it comes to women. Amna definitely has set up an example for so many other women who have always wanted to opt entrepreneurship from their homes.

About a week ago, my sister in law sent me their discounted deal that goes by the name “Full Box Deal” with tag line: “All (products) come with Stunning Golden Box full of Beauty inside”. So after making a thorough research and being completely satisfied, I had finally made my mind to order it. The deal has the following offers:

all items of the deal

1-50% discount at the total price.

2-24K Gold and Roses Serum

3-Porfade Primer

4- Pro Brushes set (10 pieces with either a gold glittery pouch or a gold glittery container)

5-3D Kabuki Brush

6-Foundation Blender

They provide a margin of 3-4 days for delivery at a cost of 250 PKR to anywhere in Pakistan. My parcel actually arrived at the second day after I placed my order and I was no doubt taken by surprise at such a quick service.

I will go through each of the all items one by one so that all my other fellas won’t miss the points that I might have over looked. Just be sure of one thing that this review or the box is not sponsored by any means (Alas!!).


not a golden box, right 😉

“Everything that glitters is not gold”, true that. The stunning golden box was not stunning at all. It was a white box with inner side painted black and outer top boundary with a golden paint and that too my fellas has faded at various places. In fact I felt the box to be recycled art piece as it was torn at different points especially the lid. I guess, we should not be complaining about it as may be this is what you get for half price. Stating the obvious the first impression is the last impression. Now here is the glitch, the golden box comes if you place the order at their website but for Instagramars like me, you get the white box. This thing should have been made clear else it is counted as a negative point. Pakistani youtuber Ms. Fatima of “Glossips” got her stunning golden box because she ordered through website (she showed it in one of her videos)

box torn/broken from one side 🙁

2- 50% discount (price comparison between original and discounted cost):

All the products would have cost 12,300 PKR in total (original price) but with Full Box Deal one gets 50% off, therefore it costs you 6,150 PKR. Let’s compare the original prices with the discounted ones.

1-24K Gold and Roses Serum originally was PKR 3,500 but 1750-/ now.

2-Porfade Primer originally was PKR 2,500-/ but 1250-/ now

3-Pro Brushes set originally was PKR 3,900-/ but 1950-/

4-3D Kabuki Brush was PKR 1,200-/ but 600-/

5-Foundation Blender was PKR 1,200-/ but 600-/

This could not get any better than this. With delivery charges the total cost becomes 6,400 PKR-/ ONLY!! So, for middle class to elite class women, the price should not be a probleM, Well only if they are make up freaks like me 😉

Review of All items in the the Golden box

i- 24K Gold and Roses Serum:

24K gold serum

I have been watching so many tutorials on how to use 24K Gold and Roses Serum. Instructions say to use one drop of serum before applying makeup which is absolutely correct. It’s made of different fatty acids and is purely organic. Women using a whole tube of it on their faces have either very dry skin or are just exaggerating. I use two drops of it before going to bed and make sure to apply in on my lips too as it makes them pretty soft. And I use one drop of it in the morning before putting up my makeup.

About the glow, let’s be honest, this serum is made up of fats, of course it’s going to make your skin glow which goes away as it gets absorb or you apply makeup. However, I will recommend this product to everyone.
Rate:  4.5/5

ii-Porfade Primer:

primer (my favorite) <3

I am in love with this product, my favorite out of all items. This works for all skin types. It is basically 60% of water based foundation primer. It gives you a very siliconish or porcelain feel once you apply it on your skin. It definitely closes all your pours, reduces redness and minimizes the wrinkles and fine lines thus making your skin so smooth that you for sure enjoy applying your foundation. Being a working woman with work hours varying from 9 to 12 hours, it truly helps your makeup to last for 12 hours.

Rate: 5/5

iii-Pro Brushes set:

10 brushes are in this golden shimmery jar and on the side rests kabuki brush and blender

The brush set contains 10 brushes that includes

1)Contouring oval brush

2)Highlighter brush

3)Blush brush

4)Bronzer brush

5)Foundation Brush

6)Crease brush

7)Eyebrow brush

8)Eye shadow blending brush

9)Small smudge brush

10)Eyeliner brush

GOOD THING ABOUT BRUSHES IS that all brushes come with names written on them so the beginner won’t have to worry about their usage. I have used their eye brush set and could not be more impressed with the crease brush. Contouring brush has delicate handle but definitely contours the face shape well. Smudge brush is amazing to reach out the inner and outer corners of eye lids. All the rest of brushes have soft bristles and definitely do their job to the best. Highlighter brush can also be used for purpose of contouring.

Rate: 4/5

IV-3D Kabuki Brush:

If you wear lose powder on regular basis then you should not miss this amazing 3D Kabuki brush. Maintaining a soft look, its triangular shape helps you to have an even application of powder. Its bristles are as soft as any foreign brands could offer.
Rate: 4.5/5

V-Foundation Blender:

torn plastic covering 🙁 but blender is not that bad 🙂 so cheers

Quite honestly, I was not impressed with its packaging, as the covering was broken however, I liked it. I don’t use blender that much but definitely, it works much better than the foundation brush. The lines that you have to even out while using the foundation brush does not remain a problem with the blender. All you have to do is damp it and apply your desired foundation on your face by tapping. Of course, I don’t prefer it because you can’t wash it out thoroughly from inside which may invite different sort of germs. But it does not bother many people.
Rate: 3.5/4

Overall, I am much happy with my purchase. You could not ask any better than this in such reasonable price. I am definitely shopping again with them.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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  1. Inka 3D kabuki brush srf loose powder k ly h?
    Can we apply liquid foundation or blush or face/compact powder with it?

    • liquid foundation tu phr bhy apply kr lain but blush k lye it is not useful at all

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