I like writing and it’s been several years that I write personal journals and this time I thought I should give blogging a try. My interests are in fashion, entertainment and reading.

I love exploring new trends, matching different outfits and picking natural looking make up tricks. Though I enjoy fashion but I am a strong believer in minimalism, frivolous spending or shopping not only goes against my belief but it bothers me mentally as well.  I would love to share how with my tiny wardrobe I manage to style myself decently. Also with my manageable makeup items I create satisfying looks, perhaps you would enjoy knowing them or ,like me, feel joyous to just even see them.

I don’t like socializing much, not that I feel anyone lesser than me but talking in general with people I connect at lesser level makes me tired. I rather find ravishing to write a few poems or some articles or what ever goes on in my ‘ever busy never straight brain.’

Also I like spending my time in Netflix and chilling, I love watching TV seasons and some times I watch movies as well. There are some TV seasons I enjoy so much, like ‘The End of Fucking World’ that I feel like it should be watched by a few like-taste people so that I can talk about it. So I would keep you posted on what I have watched and if I liked it or not.

Usually whenever I get break from work, I delve into reading, last summer in 2018 I read six books mostly novels and some spirituality and monarchy related and I also enjoy books related to history. I would at some point share my favorite reading or excerpts with you as well.

Most of the writing is mine on this blog but my closest friends and my youngest sister also want me to publish their work here, I do mention their name in authors if a writing is by them.

Hopefully I am able to gather a few readers for my blog, It’s lovely to be heard! so I would love to hear from your side.