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The top 8 must-haves to stay safe and look your best this winter

Everyone has the desire to look good and stay updated with the latest fashions, however, this year staying safe along with looking good is the latest trend. As winter approaches, warm clothes and hot drinks will definitely help. But these latest accessory trends will ensure that you get some really gorgeous pictures and lots of compliments, whether while stepping out for a coffee with friends, or attending an important meeting.

1-Classy boots

shoes for winter look in pakistan

Classy leather boots or fleece boots with pompom decorations are one of the fashion essentials for the upcoming winter days. These boots not only add to your overall pizazz, they also keep your feet warm and toasty. Grungy black boots with golden studs or funky diamante are especially loved by young women with a strong personality, who like their fashion accessories to project their inner strength.

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Long boots go really well with jeans and tights, whereas shorter styles will go really well with eastern wear. They are also really comfortable to wear, and are available in flat soled as well as high heeled options.

2-Embellished shawls and furry wraps

shawl for winter look in pakistan

Whether you opt for an Eastern look or Western, shawls and wraps are a great way to keep warm and look up-to-date. Woolen wraps with fur edging can add style to even a plain shirt and well-worn pair of jeans. Hand woven or crocheted wraps are also an excellent way to jazz up an outfit, and you can even spend a nice time making them yourself, while sitting in front of the fireplace and sipping a hot mug of coffee in the cold and silent winter nights.

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Shawls with heavy embellishments, sequins and beads are the No. 1 party trend for this season, and will look great wrapped around the neck or hanging off the shoulders. Embellished shawls will also add to your beauty when worn with a heavy shalwar kameez, jamawar or banarsi suit, gharara or sharara for attending a wedding in the upcoming months.  Pairing an embellished shawl with a one-colored plain dress is also a good idea, and gives a more polished and elegant look.

3-Colorful bucket bags

bucket bag

Bucket bags are one of the must-have accessories for the upcoming season. They are great for upgrading your overall look, and also come in handy for storing a lot of things. Some of the essentials that could be carried in the bucket bag include makeup products, perfume, wallet, and keys.

satchel bag for winter look

And make sure that you don’t forget to put a small bottle of sanitizer in your bag, so that you stay safe and slay with your fashionable look. Bucket bags have been launched by several brands, and are available in solid colors as well as more ethnic options decorated with embroidery, mirror work and sequins.

4-Chic statement necklaces

Statement necklaces have been in fashion for quite some time, however, they will also be the in thing this winter. Necklaces with long chains and funky embellishments give a fun look, while also elaborating the quirky side of the wearer’s personality. They can be worn with a favorite t-shirt, a long sleeved sweater, or a printed long shirt. Statement necklaces can also be used to upgrade a plain black or dark colored outfit. Cool necklace designs like the logo of your favorite sports team, or a symbol from your favorite book or TV series will further jazz up your winter look.

5-Hooped earrings

A lot of actresses and models wearing hooped earrings have recently been featured in TV shows and magazines. Hooped earrings are one of the trendiest accessories for completing your winter look, and they are available in a huge variety of designs. A style of hooped earrings that are particularly in fashion include large golden hops with pearls dangling from them.

Solid colored plastic hoops and minimalistic golden or silver hoops are also trending, and look particularly good with all sorts of attire. Circular hoops are often preferred, however funky shapes like square, hexagon and octagon hoops are also extremely stylish and add a cool look to any winter outfit. Another interesting trend is customized hoop earrings with the name of the wearer or a loved one engraved within them.

6-Scarves and hats

scarves and hats for winter look in pakistan

The cold and dry winter air is often not good for hair health, and can leave hair extremely frizzy and difficult to manage. For this purpose, aside from providing warmth, scarves or hats are convenient and look extremely chic.

hats for winter look

Woolen caps with a large pompom decoration, or large sized printed/ solid colored scarves with dangling embellishments will be a favorite among ladies this winter.

7-Charm bracelets and ethnic bangles

jewelry for winter look

Having to wear long sleeves or padded clothes in winter does not mean that you have to go without wearing jewelry in your wrists. Ethnic gajra or pearl bangles and charm bracelets are a favorite winter trend, and are easily available at top brand outlets as well as local vendors.

Countless pretty designs of charm bracelets and ethnic bangles can easily be bought online, and there are many social media pages advertising fashionable jewelry pieces at affordable prices.

8-Matching face masks

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, face masks have become an absolute necessity. However, who says that face masks can’t be a trendy look? Several brands have launched their own designer face masks which are printed or embellished and look really pretty. On the contrary, if you feel that cloth masks don’t offer sufficient protection, you can also go for colored surgical masks.

Gone are the days when surgical masks were only available in boring colors like white, blue or green. Face masks in a variety of colors are easily available, and you can even get a box of surgical masks online, which contains about ten masks each of 10 different colors. This is a great way to stay safe along with rocking your trendy winter look.

All of these trendy accessories will glam up your dull winter days, so be sure to spend some of your next pocket money on classy leather books, toasty wraps, a funky hat, and some really cool statement jewelry.

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