Flat Tummy or Flat Belly ways

how to get flat tummy or flat belly

Flat tummy is something that I have yearned for, for the longest period of time like many girls who are self-conscious. Though my weight has never been a problem for me. I am a 5 feet 3 inches person and my weight circles around 50 kg which is quite fine for me. Though now for past 2 and a half years I have reduced my weight to 47-48 kgs yet flat tummy is something I could not achieve at such low weight.

And the more I wanted flat stomach, the more I reduced my diet and it led me to feeling too weak to function efficiently. I started researching about growing lower belly reasons and solutions. And now for past 7 months flat tummy is something I have very much achieved and maintained.

Your hanging tummy is not always because of over-eating but due to many other reasons like many people who do office jobs sit in their chairs for long hours so their belly fat never gets any movement to burn and keeps piling up and though even many of office workers are lean they have awkward bulging out bellies.

Therefore, you need to figure out reasons of your out-grown tummy and then fix the issue. Even there are girls who regularly exercise or walk have a problem of bulging belly that is because our exercise routines at homes involve body movement on the whole (and not lower tummy specific), so our belly fats keep resting. There are a few steps that you can take to gradually reduce and then completely eliminate growing tummy. Following these steps will help you even if you are not very sure of the reason of your “not so flat tummy”.

For past 7 months I have religiously and very strictly followed these habits and has given me perfect result as you can see in the pictures as well

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mason jar for flat tummy or flat belly

Your body needs water to function. If you don’t drink enough water your body goes in a mode where it saves water whenever you drink some. The body saves this water for the time when it feels water deficiency in the body. This water storage in the body makes you look bloated. Like many nutritionists and dietitians always emphasize drinking good amount of water, I would say don’t give a signal to your body that it never knows when it will get water again.

Secondly if you chug water which is to gulp large amount of water at the same time it also causes heavy bloating. Your body at a certain time needs a certain amount of water if you fill it with more than its requirement, it will save some and excrete some. The too much stored water makes you look bloated. But if you sip water little by little, the body will instantly use the required and excrete the extra since it knows it will get water after a frequent interval.

So, I would highly highly recommend you to drink water frequently with almost similar time gaps and make sure to sip water rather than gulping.

A few months back just for the very reason of getting flat tummy I bought a mason jar and a straw so that I can sip water after every few minutes. The mason jar thing has helped me take water almost after every 5 minutes because you will like a drink is in your hand and sipping with straw does not make you take in a lot at one time.


carbs and fibers for flat tummy and flat belly

Like most people I am a huge gigantic fan of carbs-based food like pasta, rice, fries etc. and just to get flat tummy I can’t deprive myself of my favorite foods. Therefore, I did massive research on when and why carbs are bad.

Basically carbs based food, which has less amount of other nutrients, increases your blood sugar level and increased sugar level, according to Health line website makes you retain water in your body, 1 gram of carbohydrate makes you retain 3 grams of water, and so you need to help your body to regain normal blood sugar level so that body relieves excess water. Also, carbs have less tendency of being digested and the body needs to be helped to digest eat.

My research therefore gave me an idea that I should never eat pure carbs alone, like if I am eating fries I make sure to accompany it with fiber like some green and fruit salad or If I am eating rice, I take yogurt and vegetables raita with a lot of minced coriander and mint,so that fiber would help in my carbs digestion and normalize my blood sugar level.


Also since carbs have less tendency of fast digestion, carbs should be eaten, better in the earlier part of the day. According to BBC news article on health

Our body in the morning is in work mode, it knows of action so when we feed our body with carbs it starts working to digest it but when we eat carbs in the evening or worst at night, the body starts getting lazy to go in sleeping mode and therefore puts less effort to digest.

Now my current routine is that I try eating major carbs before 5 pm, and also during the day if I eat a bowl of rice or a plate of fries I make sure to at least take 2 hrs break and give my body enough time to digest the taken food rather than adding more for it to burn.


No matter how less you eat if you lower body fat does not move it won’t burn maximum fat therefore if you can do regular exercise like planks it would give great results. But planking is hard for regular people. I do the following pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute straight and do it thrice to 5 times at a time and I do it almost 5 times a day.

i)Stretching hands up in the air

ii)Squeeze in and out belly:

I couldn’t find a relevant picture of this exercise but basically in this exercise you squeeze in and out your lower belly by breathing in and out. This exercise is done with a little fast pace. I heard in a show that Katrina Kaif does this exercise 1000 times a day. Obviously I don’t do it that much but I try doing it 30 times in one go and do it at least 5 times a day


3D Massaging roller for flat tummy or flat belly

I also read about using 3D massaging roller for  lower belly  fat burning. I recently like a week ago bought a 3d massager and I have using it on lower belly constantly I don’t know how effective it is but I am certainly putting in my constant routine.


Years back when I was living in hostel for studies, my stomach used to get seriously upset due to hostel food. I had constant stomach and digestion issue. During that time a close friend brought me a “phakky” (a blended mixture of multiple herbs) by Abkari company and it massively helped me in healing my stomach burning and also in fastening my metabolism.

Though now I have not searched the same “phakky” in my city but I do take another “phakky” which is made of bitter roots and herbs and my dad specially brings it from our village, therefore it is not of any brand. I don’t take it every day but I take it when I feel stomach issues or bloating. It really helps in getting my stomach back in efficient action and fast metabolism.


Also a regular habit I am working my best to achieve is to never sit for more than 30 minutes straight. My job involves a lot of office work and therefore I need to sit for longer hours.

I try to stretch in between my work because I remember in 2015 I would literally sometimes sit for straight 3 hours and I also remember that my entire body was super thin but I had an out grown belly and I always avoided wearing jeans and tights cause it looked very inappropriate. After that I reduced my food intake and did intense exercise to get rid of it.

Now I don’t have an extra bulging belly, I just have to maintain what I have which is, no abs obviously, but decent looking tummy where I can easily wear jeans and skirts.


It is also important that you should give a little thought what you are eating because there are some foods we like a lot but they don’t suit our body. I like peanuts and coffee a lot but both of these items don’t suit me, the moment I take coffee or eat peanuts my belly gets bloated and my digestion gets extremely slower. Now I try avoiding both of these items for taking it.

I would suggest you to keep in check the items that make you bloated or slows down your digestion and avoid them.


I completely believe that your physical appearance should not be something you should be totally obsessed with but living healthy and looking cleaner and in shape makes you gain confidence and makes you feel more yourself. I would suggest you to do all small efforts to make you feel a little more of you, a stronger and prettier you.

Best of luck for everything and do let me know if my posts are helpful.

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