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1-What is immunity or immune system?

Immune system or Immunity means that your body has a system to fight diseases and illnesses. To simply put, living organisms have cells that fight against viruses or infections to keep them healthy.

2- Which part of human body is responsible for Immunity or immune system?

Basically, multiple parts of body work together to develop a fight system against infections. But experts say 70% of cells that fight infections are in our gut (intestine). We can say that major immune system is related to our digestive system. The stronger the digestive process, the better the immunity. You can read more about immune system here

3-Why specially to boost immune system now during COVID’19?

boost immune system

Boosting immunity through food is not a new thing. Doctors have always advised that, to live a strong and healthy live strong immunity helps in delayed aging. But now ever since covid19 has become a pandemic, doctors from all over the world are telling the preventive measures. As up till now no sure vaccine or medicine can fight it.

a few days back I wrote an interesting article on how to keep productively busy during covid19 quarantine world over. You can read that article here

A part from obsessive hygiene what can protect us from COVID19 is boosting out immunity. Strong immunity can be achieved by simple but healthy food items. Out of all , now for sure is the time to stay away from all fast and junk food, it weakens your immunity and makes your vulnerable toward covid19 virus.

Moreover, doctors have reported that many patients who got corona virus but had strong immunity were able to recover from it. Even the first category of corona virus infectants are those people who do get virus but have so strong immunity that they don’t fall ill, though they can transfer it to other people (therefore staying in quarantine is important for all).

4-Which Food Items are great for boosting immune system?

Following are food items that should be regular part of your diet, now and always, so that rather than looking for medicine we look for happy and healthy life.

i) Citrus fruits and vegetables

Along with other nutrients, vitamin C works as a major immune booster and as popularly known vitamin C is massively available in all citrus fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemon, grape fruit etc.

ii) Water Melon

boost immune system

According to Healthline website article human body neither produces nor retains vitamin C therefore human body daily needs intake of vitamin C to stay healthy. A normal person daily needs 25% of vitamin C and surprisingly according to On Health article 2 bowls of water melon roughly weighing around 380 grams fulfills daily requirement of vitamin A by 30% and vitamin C by 25%.

iii) Red Bell Peppers

Amazingly red bell peppers have twice vitamin C than citrus fruits. Along with vitamin C red bell peppers contain Beta carotene which along with boosting immunity improves your eye sight.

iv) Ginger and Garlic

ginger and garlicto boost immune system

Ginger and Garlic are basic elements of any cuisine world over. Many ancient civilizations considered garlic and ginger to be major elements to fight infections and germs. According to Healthline article garlic has Sulphur containing compounds which helps it boost immune system. Ginger over the centuries is considered a proven ingredient to heal and relax soar throat. Covid 19 infamously rests in human throat and then moves to lungs therefore ginger intake can help us get rid of it.Ginger helps in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol thus making body powerful against infectious attacks.

 v) Yogurt

yogurt to boost immune system

Yogurt contains vitamin D and many other properties that amplifies body’s ability to fight against diseases. Yogurt has many pro-biotics which protect people from cold and flu. Avoid flavored yogurts or even market sweetened yogurt. Prefer to buy Greek yogurt or other plain yogurt and if need be, sweeten it yourself.


In Aoutheast Asian culture turmeric is a key ingredients in almost all curries. For ages turmeric is used on wounds or drank with warm milk to heal from internal body infections. Turmeric has curcumin which gives turmeric its deep color, this element protects human body’s muscles from damage. Add a pinch of turmeric in sold or liquidy food to boost your metabolism and immune system.

vii) Green tea and Black Tea

Though generally nutritionists instruct to avoid caffeine based drinks but right amount of both green and black tea strengthen your immune system. According to Health Line article both green and black tea have EGCG, an antioxidant, which boosts the immune system. Though black tea goes through fermentation so the element EGCG reduces in it. Green tea also has amino acid  which has germ fighting properties.

viii) Spinach

spinach to boost immune system

Spinach has folate, an element that helps the body in making new cells and repair damaged DNA. Spinach also boasts fiber so even if a body is attacked by a disease, spinach helps it to fight back.

ix) Sweet Potato

sweet potato to boost immune system

Sweet Potatoes though famously know for fiber has also huge portion of vitamin A and D. Sweet potatoes not only helps in delayed aging but has strong ability to power-up the body immune system. You can read in detail the numerous benefits and powerful nutrients of sweet potatoes here in the article by On Health

 x) Carrots

Carrots have beta carotene a major component of Vitamin A, it helps the body in making white blood cells. White blood cells fight bacteria and infections.

xi) Dry Fruits

For immunity vitamin E is on the back seat in comparison to vitamin C but it does not mean it is unimportant in any way. Vitamin E helps vitamin C to empower the immune system of body.  Dry fruits like almonds and walnuts have vitamin E that strengthen immunity as well as, according to Health website, dry fruits reduce psychological stress. You can read Health website article here

xii) Chicken Soup

chicken soup to boost immune system

Chicken has vitamin B-6 which prevents human body from getting cold or sick in general.  A bowl of chicken, having around 3 ounces of it, fulfills almost 40-60% of vitamin B-6 daily requirement of human body. Vitamin B-6 helps the body in formation of healthy and new red blood cells. If you don’t like shreds or pieces of chicken, a good boiled broth of chicken bones is perfect for immune system as well.

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