The latest crush from Pakistani TV industry Shayaan of drama serial Cheekh is making a huge buzz among viewers because of his handsome stature, stylish clothing and charming character. But not all that glitters has always been gold. Recently the actor, Emmad Irfani, appeared in Rewind with Samina Peerzada and told heartbreaking ordeal of his life. His story is truly inspiration for youth who go into a dark place mentally and think there is no coming back. A few highlights of his interview that give us an insight into his painful growth are as follows:

1-Teacher’s words can break you for a lifetime

Emaad Irfani very honeslty unfolded his life story and told that one of his teachers was very brutal to him in school. She made him and his near ones believe that he did not have any talent or seriousness towards life and her words haunted him for life. He stressed the importance of teacher’s role into making and breaking people. The actor also revealed that recently to get over the bitterness; he wrote a long message to his teacher mentioning how her words affected him for so long. He said he did it to move past that negativity. He also mentioned that the teacher was oblivious of the fact that she did such harm to his personality. He said not just that he conveyed her his bitterness but apologized for telling her that she affected him so negatively.

2-Shyness is a hurdle in achieving your true potential

Emmad also revealed that as his teacher’s lack of belief in him hindered to explore and experiment himself, he gradually got very shy and under confident. He developed lisping problem and could not speak with proper fluency. His shyness held him from socializing, being closer to his family and even hanging out in normal places. He sought refuge in playing cricket and dreamed of becoming Pakistan cricket team’s captain.

3-Broken dreams break your self esteem

The one thing that gave Emmad Irfani some solace was his love and unwavering passion for cricket. He mentioned he spent hours and hours on cricket field hoping and dreaming to represent national team. But his dreams broke and his heart got crushed further when he was prohibited from playing cricket due to ankle injury. He mentioned how this broken dream made him an unhappy and unsatisfied person. Hhis self esteem and self belief in himself further lowered down. His family was not very supportive during this time because his siblings were highly bright studetns in academics. He regretted being alone and shattered and not being lifted to struggle again in life.

4-It is never too late to begin again

The beautiful thing about the amazing Emmad Irfani is that he completely changed his life from Zero to Hero. He said he did not want the youth to suffer the same as he did. He told bit by bit how he gather himself up and started practicing dialogues, entered into modelling.

Not that he did not fail in his effort. He quoted a anoth sad incident that during a commercial with Mahira Khan he could complete a scene though everyone was supportive and on that day he promised himself he would work double and perfect his skill. He said he practice speech, dialogues, expression through Manto plays and writings.

5-Over coming your weaknesses is a slow & tedious process

Emmad Irfani’s reietreated that overcoming your weaknesses and building up self esteem and self confidence is a very slow and tedious process. One does not get successful all the time but one must get back up, and he did the same. Now he is called heart throb and is recognized by public. He also mentioned that now his family takes pride in him and supports him.

Emmad Irfani’s story teaches us a lesson that one must be one’s own best friend, so that one can tell him/her self that other’s opinion about him/her does not matter.And once you lose a dream, you should see life as a blessing and must get back up and move on with life, putting 100% effort. Emmad Irfani is completely inspirational and charming as much as he looks as Shayaan in Cheekh. We wish all the best of luck.

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