keto diet- keto diet side effects


There is a huge buzz these days about Keto diet, so much so that there are special counters and aisles in super stores for KETO diet products. KETO is a way to reduce weight by having less carbohydrates and fueling your body function mainly on fats. KETO can be really unhealthy for a lot of reasons in the long run but mainly because it is a very low carb diet routine, some people even go to zero carb a day.

We need to understand why carbohydrates; especially good carbs are important for our body.

1-Carbs produce serotonin, a happy mood chemical in brain, so people who go on very low carb diet get short tempered and develop anger issues. Many people who remain on KETO diet for long develop anxiety and depression.

2-Secondly, in KETO a lot of lentils and beans are avoided but grains contain dietary fiber that actually helps in speeding the metabolism. People on KETO diet have regular constipation problems. So in the long run, if meal portions are controlled, eating grains would help in healthier ways of weight loss.

3-Thirdly avoiding carbs in grains and beans can lead to heart issues. A research published in Journal of Nutrition, claims that if three serving of whole grains are eaten per day it helps people in losing waistline weight, which eventually helps in getting smaller waist line and flatter tummy.

4-A study mentioned in Eating Well website says that people who have low carbs intake face memory loss issues.

Why excessive intake of protein [as done in KETO] may cause health issues?

keto diet- keto diet side effects

So our body in its metabolism process manufactures glucose (sugar) through carbohydrates and that glucose is used by our body as fuel for working. When carbs are not there in body, it starts looking for other sources to produce glucose.

So if your body has too less protein, it will start breaking muscle tissues to make glucose for body fuel.

But if you have too high protein, your body will start producing high level of sugar that may cause high blood sugar level and people in such situations are even diagnosed as pre diabetic, further if constant high protein intake keeps happening it may lead you to diabetes.

People who want to lose weight should understand nothing comes easy in life and so does not the good body figure. To achieve a certain weight, you should follow the old school method, which is simple and effective. Control your meal portions, increase your water intake and exercise every day and at least for three months keep this going to see results. More over choose a healthy life style. Keep yourself busy in home chores. Run for errands on foot rather than a ride.

Be kind to yourself and love the way you look and improvement is something we all want but it must also come from the place of best interest of ourselves.

keto diet- keto diet side effects

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