white rice is one of the most popular beauty ingredients in Asian countries like in china, japan and Korea. Especially in Korea people use white rice and its water in a lot of beauty products and in their beauty regiments. They regularly use it in their hand and face creams. Many serums and facial packs have white rice or its water in it.

Being a Korean beauty enthusiast I also use it for multi purposes for skin and hair care and I have found it extremely effective.


home made white rice cream

i have put my cream in a travel size lotion bottle


1-white rice water (left over water of boiled rice) half cup

2-lemon quarter tea spoon

3-rose water quarter tea spoon

4-alovera gel half tea spoon

5-olive oil 3 to 4 drops


1-take quarter cup of rice water (the water that gets left over after straining boiled white rice) and boil it in pan until it thickens.

2-let it cool

3-put half a teaspoon of rose water in thicken white rice water paste

4-put half teaspoon lemon juice (if oily skin)

5-put few drops of olive oil (if dry skin)

6-mix all ingredients

apply a generous amount of this paste on face before sleeping and rinse in morning (it feels a little strange on skin like a light sheet but ignore that)

Note: make small quantities because it goes bad quickly

this cream survives in fridge for about 4 to 5 days


a-refreshes skin

b-brightens skin

c-removes open pores

d-gives a youthful glow


White Rice Water As Hair conditioner

the recipe is famous because of Chinese village of Huangluo, which is famous for women with longest hair in the world and have been mentioned by Guinness world record as well. This village has a hair care recipe which goes as follows:


1-take a full bowl of white rice water (water that is left after boiling rice)

Note: only white rice water is enough but for extra strengthening and shine you may add

i)a tea spoon of olive oil/ tea tree oil

ii)a quarter tea spoon of lemon juice

iii)half a tea spoon of honey

Procedure of fermenting the conditioner

1-Put the rice water (alone or with other ingredients) in an air tight jar, let it sit for 2 to 3 days

2-keep checking from time to time, once it has a sour smell it means the mixture/water is well fermented

procedure of use:

1-now take the fermented water, give it one boil. let it cool off

2-now first apply it to roots of hair and gently massage.

3-once applied on the entire hair and massaged, give a rinse to your hair with the left over water.

4-wait for about half to one hour and than wash your hair

NOTE:This is one of the best things you will do to your hair

it gives shine and strength to hair and most importantly it prevents grey hair

White Rice Water for Menicure and Pedicure

Rice water is enough for a complete menicure and pedicure and it is very easy to use as well.

if you can’t do it regularly, at least do it after each 15 days


1- take a full glass of rice water (water left over after boiling rice)

2- add half tea spoon lemon

3-half tea spoon rose water

4-one tea spoon of lotion/cleanser


1- take luke warm water in a small tub

2- add rice water and all other ingredients

3- soak your hands and feet in it for 20 minutes

4- don’t wash your hand with plain water for next half an hour


You will feel smoothness and softness after doing it even once. I do it after every 15 to 20 days.

Rice water is one of the cheapest chemical free way of taking care of your skin and hair. Do put a little effort and use this almost free method for skin and hair perfection.

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