Well as we have entered into this year’s summer season we are witnessing some changes in fashion trends as well. And if you are a fashionista and want to remain trendy than it is vital to stay updated on what is in and what is out. First let’s see what is in

what is in!

1- long shirts are completely in

well just like history fashion also repeats itself , this year all brands have reintroduced long shirts. Visit any top brand’s website like khaadi, Nishat, Generation, Zara Shahjhan etc, all have long shirts in display. The following pics are taken today from some of the brands’ websites.

Not just the brands rather mega celebrities are embracing the trend as well, Mawra appeared in Fahad mustafa’s game show in a long shirt, and not just her almost all female celebs were wearing super long shirts in Nomi Ansari Aftaar party. Here are a few pics of top female artists and hosts wearing long shirts in Ramzan 2019

Though as for now a variety of long lengths can be seen, some are just wearing below knee length and some are wearing a little too long than that.

2-Jacquard, Organza and lightly fancy, dopattas are in

dopattas with embellishments are in, Jacquard dopatta is seen on almost all super celebs like Hira Mani, Ayeza Khan, Mawra Hussain, Maya Ali etc. Also you can have doppata with elegant bead work or border work with a plain suit in sharp stylish cut.

3-light gotta on daily wear is in

light gotta work is in, a little sparkle despite scorching summer has made its presence in this year’s fashion trend. A little zig zag or triangle gotta on neck daman and sleeves is trending a lot.

4-shalwars are totally in

shalwars are back after a long long break. Simple shalwars with a little delicate net lace on paincha is reflecting eastern elegance among this year clothing.

5-sharara trousers are still in

sharara trousers though came and didn’t take the fashion community with storm but they also haven’t disappeared yet, you can see many top celebrities rocking them on a casual appearence in TV shows,but i would certainly say sharara trousers in regular days are hard to pull off for common people

6-Loose straight trousers are in

No I am not talking about plaazos or flappers but straight super loose trouser are in. Many Pakistani and Indian celebrities are these days wearing fairly loose straight trouser with flats and heals.

6- khussas are in

In foot wear traditional hand worked khussas are super in, even express tribune wrote an article on khussa fever of this year.

7-plain elegant chapals/slides are in

since the time Maryam Nawaz was seen wearing a plain Gucci flat slides while her return to Pakistan, plain slides are a go to for all fashionistas. gone is the trend of stone and beaded chappals

8- one strip nude heels are a big in

Matching heels are not liked anymore rather nude heels are now considered style perfection. One strip nude highs are best for today’s fashion scene.

9- beach waves and lose curls are in

though sleek and straight hair are always elegant and posh but for casual chic look, loose curls or beach waves are now considered more trendy

what is out!

1-digital prints are out

Thank God digital prints are out. The same floral digital printed wide boarders and neck lines were seen in each outlet but not anymore digital prints look more messy and less elegant now a days, plains are more in fashion.

2-heavy embroidery is out

Heavy embroidery is completely out, avoid kameez with thick colorful gala (neck) embroidery or thick boarder embroidery.

3-short shirts are out

short shirts are gradually getting out though short shirts as tops over jeans are still super in

4-wedges are out

wedges are out, though this is one footwear trend that makes me sad for leaving because wedges used to be my go to for formal occasions because they make you look tall and well postured but at the same time did not make your feet hurt but yet sorry to say wedges are gone.


These are our observations of what is trending in Pakistani fashion now a days, though certainly one can choose whatever one likes and feels comfortable in and mostly it depends upon how you carry a certain wearing item but it’s good to mix a little bit of trend in your look to give an updated and in style vibe.

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