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weight loss motivation

January’19 vs April’17

HOW I went from Misfit to MISS FIT!

(weight loss motivation)

“Love yourself” is a common phrase that you always come across on social platforms where weight loss is the subject of discussion.  I believe when one says that you should love your body and yourself by working out is actually trying to tell that life is precious but it can be valued more by living a healthy lifestyle. The amount of energy you will feel after shedding some fats and the stamina you will gain will make you feel valued in your own eyes.

However, my journey began when I came to realize the importance of positive energy and when my inner-self told me to do so. Even though, my mother has always told me to lose some kgs but I never had paid attention to it. I guess it is one of those tasks that can only be done when you are self-motivated and choose to remain consistent.

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Time span:  22nd April’18 – December’18 (8 months and 8 days).

Keto Diet Experience:

So I started it on 22nd April, 2018 with the Keto diet which was a trend back then but even after following it for 2-3 weeks, and not having the results as other mates were getting, I decided to quit it. I was desperate to lose weight that is why I opted Keto diet for quick results. It did not work for me as I lost only 2 kgs and it was costing me more expenses. It is not that I was not  guided properly but I was lacking something, which I was unable to figure.

Portion controlled meal routine:

Instead of keto diet,  I decided to go for portion controlled meals. Here is the routine:

  • 1 glass of lukewarm water with Apple cider vinegar (mother) on the empty stomach every morning.
  • 1-2 liters of water from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Meanwhile if I felt the need, I would take 1-2 cups of tea with no sugar at all.
  • For dinner, I ate 2 boiled eggs with whatever curry was cooked at home without any wheat tortilla (rotti).
  • I love rice so I continued eating them but in controlled portion.
  • A 30 minute workout with the help of App titled Buttocks workout.

Holy Month of Ramadan’s routine (weight loss motivation):

We Muslims observe the holy month of Ramadan in which we fast from dawn to dusk. I almost feel like that intermittent fasting is based on the similar concept of Ramadan’s fasting.

Ramadan began after few days of this routine so a new and tight schedule was set.

1.Two boiled eggs before sahoor (at dawn) and 1-2 glasses of water.

2.Broke my fast with 1 liter of water (no sodas, no sugary drinks) followed by a bowl (7-10 tblsp) of self made curry. (the recipe of curry is at the end of this article)

3.A 30-45 minute workout with the help of Buttock workout App.

I continued this routine for a month and lost nearly 3-4 kgs which was not even close to my desired goal. So I got disappointed and stopped the workout though it played major role in toning my body to some extent. I continued with portion-controlled meals.  The portion-controlled meals has however helped me in reducing my appetite to the point where I could barely finish one single patty burger.

Apparent Change in physical appearance:

weight loss motivation
October vs March’19

By the month of September’18, a visible change of weight loss began to show up and nothing made me happier. My family and friends would tell me and then my colleagues began to appreciate me by asking tips. And so does my students. I had began to receive messages saying that you have reduced a lot and quite honestly, this is what you really want to know over and over because the struggle is real.  So I continued with the same diet plan.

Role of 10000 steps:

Once I was having this discussion with my friend where she mentioned that she used to walk for an hour in the morning and at night to get her lower body section into proper shape although she was slim. Upon assuring of many times that it works, on 14th October’18 I started walking.

1.Time duration: initially 45 minutes only at night time

2.Venue:  Home

3.No of steps:  6000 steps

I had always come up with lame excuses to not walk before such as sharp turns at corners of the house disturb speed temperament. But later the speed fluctuations came out as a good exercise since you try really hard to get back to the same pace.  

4.Time duration: 45 minutes – 90 minutes almost

5.Venue:  Home

6.No of steps:  7000 – 10000 steps

 I carried a research, and found out that I need to walk at least 10,000 steps daily. Following the step goals, I shed even more weight and got into the shape. I would run too at times but never discontinued walk.

Time span of walk: I walked for a month but because of the weather change, I discontinued it.

Total weight loss: I managed to drop 13 kgs by the month of December’18. (weight loss motivation)

weight loss motivation
April’19 (weight loss motivation)

Maintenance; a challenge: (weight loss motivation)

I am maintaining my weight ever since and despite that I aim to lose 5 more kgs which by the way is down to 4 kgs now (hurray).

Pros of weight loss:

I was always over weighted person but I had always known to carry myself in terms of fashion. The only change now is that I feel more confident in my skin and I feel more comfortable in any dress. I feel very active and energetic. I get more praise now even from those who I never had expected which is sad because it reflects the society’s approach towards women.  I felt good before but I feel great now. I am actually satisfied as I never had imagined myself writing this piece of paper. And once you have reached that point of satisfaction, you will realize that it has become a part of your routine where you get motivated to work out without any laziness.

Don’ts of my routine:

  • I had cut the carbs for a certain period of time like religious obligation such as potatoes, wheat tortillas and sugars.
  • Cutting tortillas has helped a lot in shedding weight so it’s a must recommendation.
  • I have not had any sodas in a very long time. A no means Big no.
  • I had completely cut off sugars in all sort of beverages.
  • I had not had any chocolates or cakes or ice creams (I would share it with my friends instead).
  • Since fruits have carbs too, so I had discontinued eating them too except for strawberries.  I would take fruit if I ever craved any.
  • I had cut all the fried items.
  • I had cut extra snacks from my diet. I eat them as my emergency food.
  • I never drank water after having any meal.

Do’s of routine:

  • I would take white bread if I ever felt hungry but in a balanced way.
  • I drank lots of water.
  • I would eat more of salads with any meal if available.
  • I would eat boiled eggs regularly to maintain my proteins and omelette other times.
  • If I ever felt I have consumed more than I needed, I would take green tea with my next meal.
  • I had found out that workout is essential.
  • I cooked my meals in homemade butter (desi ghee).
  • I continued eating rice but one serving at a time.
  • I ate red beans, both white (chicken and fish) and red meat in the form of curries.
  • I would drink water between the meal.

I always say that a proper diet throughout the journey of weight loss is essential. Otherwise, you will lose freshness from your face and will feel weak. A crash diet will lead to many problems like fading of skin color and hair loss, so never ever opt it. All this time I had eaten fast foods but then I would  accommodate the consumed calories with my next meal by taking something that was more in protein and less in fats and carbs.

Key Ingredients of curry:

  • Homemade butter (desi ghee)
  • Onion
  • Green bell peppers
  • Green chillies
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Red chilli flakes (optional)
  • red beans/ chicken breast fillets/ minced meat
  • Cheese (optional) in the meat balls
  • Available food mixed spices.

I wish the reader all the best if she/he wishes or aims to lose weight. Remember, consistency is the key to the success. An immediate result will not be wise to expect. Just stay focused and keep continuing the efforts.

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