so basically white is the new red and the new black, meaning, white has become the new IT color for major occasions. White worn elegantly makes you graceful and white worn ceremoniously makes you look a diva. So much so that many celebrities wore white color on their wedding days like Amna Baber, Tooba sidiqui, and Aiman Khan.

White rocks so much because it is complete in itself and it gets fuller when combined. so here are three ways you can rock the same white dress in an eye catching, center of attraction style. I would highly recommend you to choose white for Eid day one because it’s the most important day of Eid and looking graceful at one moment and ceremonious at other can make you come across as fashion diva.

The above white dress details are
i)material: cambric (fabric for all seasons)
ii)kameez from Nishat
iii)trouser from Gul Ahmed
iv)white beaded and white plain shaffon dopatta searched from Jhaal bazaar faisalabad
v)Green and yellow dopattas are all already available at home, bought from ordinary market shops, and can be found any where


since this year Eid is falling in excruciating summer, all white would be best for morning till noon time (when basically all the meet and greet starts)

a)styling dopatta: spread on one arm

spread dopatta on one arm ( as these days is the fashion) and pin up from inside at two places one under the shoulder and one under the shirt’s arm to attach dopatta with kameez so that dopatta does not get swooshed every other moment when you hug some one.
b)shoe suggestion: high heels
you can pair it with a beaded white khoosa but I like wearing high heels with it because it gives glamorous touch to a simple style
c)hair and accessory suggestion: twisted side locks with a bun at the back
I would recommend tying hair because you must be busy in serving guests, with tied hair, big hoop earrings or dangling earrings you will look absolutely bomb.

here are few pictures of carrying this look


a)styling dopatta: green blue dopattas with gotta/kiran or sparkle of any kind

Get any green or blue dopatta and have ‘kiran’ stitched on its entire boundary,a little sparkle makes dopattas change the entire look of a simple dress. I would suggest you to style gotta/kiran dopattas in ‘Angan drama’ style. In a way that the sparkle can be seen clearly.

b)shoe suggestion: khossa, slides (flat chappal)

Well honestly everyone loves heals but no one likes them for long because by after noon it makes our back hurt and our legs tired, so flats are a best option with gotta dopatta style, either wear shimmery slides/chappal or a khussa.

c)hair and accessory suggestion: twisted lock on the sides while this time let the hair stay lose at the back
Usually in Eid afternoons we chat, hang out and eat a little bit snacks, so Angan drama hair styles would make you look eastern girl with all her delicacy and charm.

following are the pictures of this look:


a)styling dopatta: spread on one arm OR spread at the front to pop the yellow color out

spread dopatta on one arm ( as these days is the fashion) . but if it is stiff like mine and also filled with gotta patty than spread at the front to make the sparkle do its work

b)shoe suggestion:yellow shoes either khosa, flats or traditional khaery style sandles would work as long as they are bright yellow
well in evenings we don’t want white to make us look bland or dull so a sharp yellow with glitter and sparkle can add the ceremonious touch that we want for an eid look so pair your yellow gotta dopatta with a sharp yellow khussa or a sharp yellow ”Khairy” style sandles to make the look complete and well put together.

c)hair and accessory suggestion: sleek, straight open hair would be best since evenings are not that hot
Evenings is all about bringing your stylish but firm inner diva and to give confident stylish vibe nothing works better than sleek dead straight hair.

This is what we think of Eid looks, minimalist yet stylish. Do share your take with us on these looks.


  1. yah red would look good, depending which red shade you have, pomegranate red would be perfect. red is never my favorite though

  2. Very elegant!
    What about red dopatta? It will also add into this bomb thing lol white and red give you an atomic bomb look 😉

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