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These days, life is already too full of everyday tensions and deadlines. Add to this the tension of physical activity, controlled eating, and losing weight, and you would get a full blown headache. We all want to look good, shed that extra flab and fit into pretty designer dresses. However, most traditional weight management techniques include increasing the amount of physical activity, and reducing the amount of calories consumed. This science behind weight management can’t be argued with, but what traditional weight management experts don’t tell you is that there are several proven techniques to lose weight without trying too hard. Let’s take a look at the top 5 hacks for lazy Pakistani girls to lose weight without having to try too hard. 

1-Eat breakfast like a king for easy weight loss

oatmeal breakfast for easy weight loss

Many Pakistani ladies either skip breakfast because it makes them feel nauseous, or they don’t have time for it in the morning. Whether you are a student, a professional, a mother or a housewife, no excuse is good enough for skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a healthy breakfast will boost up your metabolism and do wonders for easy weight loss.

When you skip breakfast, not only do you feel lethargic for the rest of the day, you are also more likely to consume unhealthy snacks. Taking a healthy breakfast early in the morning will provide you with an active start to your day. 

If you regularly skip breakfast, it is better to start small. Start with a banana or an apple, and then gradually start taking a proper breakfast. If lack of time in the morning is your regular excuse for skipping breakfast, make breakfast items for the entire week on the weekend and store them in airtight boxes so that they stay fresh.

Some tips for adding a healthy breakfast to your daily routine for easy weight loss  are: 

  • First thing in the morning, take some warm water and add some lemon juice to it. This drink is great for boosting metabolism, and will also increase your appetite for a good breakfast.
  • Add some nuts, raisins or seeds to your breakfast. They are easy to eat and you can even eat them on the way to college, university or work.
  • Make a breakfast smoothie. Add some fresh fruits and yogurt. avoid adding sugar or any other artificial sweeteners. This will act as an awesome energy booster.
  • Make poached or boiled eggs instead of frying them. For other sources of protein, you can also add sausages or mortadella slices to your breakfast sandwich. Boil sausages or mortadella slices instead of frying them. K&Ns Deline is an amazing range of healthy breakfast products. Add their mortadella slices to a slice of bran bread, add some fresh salad and vegetables, and your yummy breakfast sandwich is ready
  • If you like breakfast cereals, try to go for oats or whole grain cereals. Avoid stor-bought breakfast cereals with artificial colors and flavors. You can also try wheat or barley porridge. Add some honey and fresh fruits to your porridge or cereal if you don’t like it bland.
  • Don’t eat your breakfast in a hurry. Chew it properly, and focus on your breakfast while you chew. This will help you feel full with an overall lesser amount of food.

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2-Don’t drink extra calories

detox water for easy weight loss

Most Pakistanis love sugary and carbonated beverages. Just one glass of Pepsi or Rooh Afza sherbet contains a huge amount of calories. Instead of these drinks, try drinking plain water. Plain water does not contain any calories, and helps to keep a healthy digestive system, and clear skin. Try drinking at least 4-5 liters of water in a body. Drinking water will also help you feel full, and you will not have that much of a craving for snacks or other unhealthy foods. Drinking a glass of water before a meal is also a great strategy, since it will help fill you up before you eat, and lead to a reduced food consumption. 

Drinking a large amount of plain water can be quite difficult. Here are some strategies to make your plain water taste better:

  • Add some fresh lemon juice to your water bottle. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, and also helps in speeding up the metabolism
  • Cut up or blend some fresh berries with your water to make it easier to drink. Berries contain a lot of vitamins and minerals good for health, and will also aid in weight loss
  • Add some ginger, mint and honey to water to make a healthy energy booster
  • Make some green tea, cool it down and fill it in a bottle to drink it throughout the day. Add honey or jaggery instead of white sugar to sweeten it

Water bottle trackers are a great gadget to help increase your water intake. It will take some time to adjust to an increased consumption of water, but water bottle trackers will provide you the motivation that you need to keep drinking water. Take a water bottle tracker everywhere with you, including college, university or at work. There are also many apps available for tracking your daily water intake. Using an app is a great and inexpensive idea for increasing your motivation to drink more water.

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3-The right kind of cutlery and crockery for easy weight loss

Using specific kinds of cutlery and crockery is not important only for good culinary presentation, it can also aid greatly in easy weight loss. Try these tips and tricks to shed some extra pounds:

  • Use a smaller plate: While trying to lose weight, portion control is extremely important. You can easily trick your mind into thinking that you have eaten more by using smaller plates and bowls, which will look fuller with a smaller amount of food. Spread your food out so that it looks more. Using a salad plate for a main meal does wonders for consuming fewer calories.
  • The color of the plate matters: Experts suggest that using a red or blue plate for meals is a better idea as compared to using white plates. The brain perceives red as a signal of danger, which will lead you to eating a bit less. The color blue acts as an appetite suppressant, so that might also help in decreasing the number of calories consumed. 
  • Chopsticks are better than a spoon or fork: Using chopsticks instead of a spoon or fork for eating is also a great way to reduce caloric intake. Using chopsticks requires focus and practice, and helps to slow down the pace at which you intake. According to research, eating slowly helps a person to feel full with a lesser overall amount of food. 

4-Get rid of those fatty snacks

lose weight easily by eating healthy snacks

Cravings are the absolute enemy of weight loss. A craving for that bar of chocolate or big bag of Lays will force you to consume a huge amount of extra calories. Instead of going for processed snacks which are high in fat, salt and calories, make a bunch of healthy snacks for yourself. 

Some interesting strategies for healthy snacking include:

  • Avoid mindless snacking: Avoid snakcing while doing something else, e.g. watching TV. This is called mindless snacking, and it causes you to consume way more calories than you originally intended to do. Take proper time out for a snack, and avoid snacking more than 3 times a day.
  • Plan ahead: Fill up small plastic containers with healthy snacks like wheat crackers, cottage cheese, carrot sticks, apple sticks, grapes, and olives. Label all these plastic containers with the time and day when you plan to eat them, and place them in a drawer or in an easy to reach compartment of the fridge. When these healthy snacks boxes are within easy reach, you will be less likely to grab a pack of crisps when you crave a snack.
  • Focus on nutrients: Try taking snacks that are full of nutrients, e.g. go for fruit instead of boxed juices. Fruits are full of nutrients while boxed juices contain nothing but sugar and empty calories. 
  • Read nutrition facts labels carefully: A lot of times, we think that a certain packed food is healthy, whereas it actually is not, because of some hidden ingredients it contains. Read nutrition facts labels carefully before choosing any packaged products. Avoid foods containing artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and monosodium glutamate (MSG, also called Chinese salt). Try to go for snacks which contain fewer calories in a larger portion size. 
  • Sugar-free is not necessarily good: Many Pakistani girls think that drinking a diet Coke is better than drinking regular Coke. This is not necessarily true. Diet beverages and snacks often contain sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners which can have adverse effects on health. Try to avoid carbonated beverages and packaged energy drinks altogether. Substitute these with smoothies or lemonade if you feel thirsty. 

5-Take care of your beauty sleep for easy weight loss

Proper sleep of at least 8 hours a day is necessary to avoid excessive weight gain. Being tired and sleepy often leads us to drink a big sized mug of coffee for breakfast, and it might also cause us to be less physically active. Lack of sleep leads to decreased activity of the frontal lobe of the brain, which is the part of the brain that helps it to make decisions and control impulses. When the activity of the frontal lobe is dulled, you will be more likely to make impulsive decisions such as eating a jumbo meal of burger and fries. 

If you stay up late at night, you will also be more likely to go for late night snacks high in fat and sugar, since cravings are especially high at that time. Thus, taking a good night’s sleep is a good strategy for easy weight loss, and better overall health. 

All of these strategies are great ways to lose weight. They work really well with a busy schedule, don’t take much effort, and can be easily adjusted into your present daily routine. Even if you are trying to lose weight in a more traditional way, you can add these strategies to your workout and dieting regime.

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