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Losing weight can be a challenge for most people. Increasing physical activity and decreasing caloric intake is the basic formula for weight loss. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help shedding those extra pounds a little bit easier. A healthy diet is extremely important, not only for maintaining your desired weight, but also for your overall nutritional status. Today, we will talk about the top 5 foods to help you lose weight fast. These foods are also extremely rich in nutrients, and so will help increase your immunity, and protect you from many deficiency diseases.

1: Leafy greens

Leafy greens to lose weight fast

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, fresh fenugreek, and salad leaves are some of the most nutritionally dense foods available. They are rich in minerals (especially calcium), vitamins and fiber, and are often called the powerhouses of nutrition. They are also low in calories and carbohydrates, and help to stabilize your hunger. These properties of leafy greens are very helpful for losing weight fast.

Leafy greens also help to increase the volume of your meals, thus helping you feel fuller without consuming too many calories. Incorporating leafy greens into your everyday meals is not difficult. Here are some ways in which you can include leafy greens in your meals:

  • Make a breakfast smoothie with spinach and a fruit of your choice.
  • If you feel like eating a burger or wrap, using salad leaves for wrapping the patty instead of a regular bun.
  • Replace your regular lunch with a green salad. Include salad leaves, mint, tomatoes, cucumbers and cottage cheese. Season with lemon juice and mixed herbs for a tasty and healthy lunch.
  • When making pasta or spaghetti, add lots of cabbage and other greens. This will help to reduce the overall calories in a single serving, and make it healthy and nutritious.
  • Make a healthy pizza with a base of whole wheat flour. Add blanched spinach, mint, tomatoes, and capsicum. Top with cheese and mixed herbs. 


2: Kidney beans

red beans to lose weight fast

Kidney beans are a great food to add to the diet regularly. They are rich in fiber and proteins, and are a very good substitute for meat. They are also low in calories and help you feel full for longer periods of time. They are also low in fat, and rich in minerals and vitamins. Kidney beans also have a low glycemic index, so they don’t have adverse effects for pre-diabetics or diabetics. 

There are a lot of ways in which you can add kidney beans to your diet. Not only can you use them as a replacement for meat, you can also add them to your regular dishes to make them more healthy and satisfying. Some of these ways include:

  • Add boiled kidney beans to your salads or soups
  • Make a kidney bean paste. Add seasoning and use this as a dipping for snacks instead of ketchup or other store-bought condiments
  • Roast some kidney beans with salt, and use these whenever you feel like munching. Roasting kidney beans are way healthier if you consume these as a snack instead of crisps or other packaged snacks. 
  • Use boiled and mashed kidney beans to make a burger patty, instead of minced meat. This will help satiate your craving for a burger, while also keeping it extremely healthy and having fewer calories.

Top food to lose weight fast 3: Apples

Ever since we were kids, we have been hearing the phrase: An apple a day keeps the doctor way. Well, that is true, but apples can also help you lose weight fast. They are rich in minerals and vitamins, and low in fat and calories. They are also rich in fiber, which helps you stay full for longer. Apples are also very delicious, which makes them easy to eat. Plus, apples are extremely versatile and can be used in a huge number of dishes. 

Here are some tips to add apples to your everyday diet for easy weight loss:

  • Make a breakfast smoothies with apples, fresh berries and yogurt
  • Make a healthy snack with chopped apples, oats, yogurt and raisins
  • Slice apples very thinly. Spread these on a tray and bake them until they turn crisp. Enjoy these apple chips with your favorite dipping sauce.
  • If you feel like eating a baked dessert, make apple pie instead of brownies or cake. Make the base of the pie with oats or whole wheat flour. Sweeten the apples with jiggery instead of sugar. Add some cinnamon for better flavor.
  • Add chopped apples to your salads.
  • Eating fresh whole apples is better as compared to making fresh apple juice. A whole apple contains fewer calories as compared to a glass of apple juice, and also helps you feel fuller. 


Top food to lose weight fast 4: Lemons

Lemons are great for losing weight fast, since lemons help to stimulate the body’s digestive system. Lemons are rich in citric acid, and work with other acids and enzymes in the body for helping in proper digestion. Lemon juice can also help to balance blood sugar levels after a meal. Using lemon juice as a seasoning is also very good for healthy. You can easily reduce your sodium intake if you season your meals with lemon juice instead of salt. Reducing sodium intake helps to reduce blood pressure, and improves overall health.

There are countless ways in which you can add lemons to your daily routine:

  • Drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. This helps to boost metabolism greatly.
  • Whether you are eating a salad, a rice dish or a curry, add some lemon juice on top to enhance the flavor and improve digestion
  • Use lemon juice for seasoning your salad instead of cream or mayonnaise
  • Make lemon, ginger and mint detox water. Drink this instead of lemon water throughout the day.
  • Add lemon juice and lemon zest instead of sugar to your desserts, for adding flavor.
  • Oat and lemon zest cookies are a great and healthy baked dessert. Add honey to these instead of sugar.


5: Papaya

Papayas are rich in enzymes, which makes them extremely important for digestive health. Papaya contains the enzyme papain which digests protein as well as other enzymes which break down starches, carbohydrates and protein. Proper digestion is essential for weight loss and boosting metabolism. Papaya also contains antioxidants, is rich in fiber and low in calories. 

For you mid-day snack, you can add a bowl of fresh papaya cubes. These will help you feel full and fresh, and will also provide you with lots of nutrients and other health benefits. 

Consuming a healthy diet is a very important part of effective weight loss. These top 5 foods will not only help you lose weight fast, they will also provide you with lots of health related benefits. By regularly consuming these foods, you will soon notice a change in your appearance, and the quality of your skin, hair and nails as well. 

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