Be it a wedding, a birthday celebration, an important office meeting, a party at college, or even a small shopping trip, applying a lipstick/ lip gloss  is a must for every Pakistani girl. However, finding the perfect lipstick/ lip gloss is not that easy. Though a lot of makeup brands are available in Pakistan, not every girl can find affordable lipsticks or lip glosses from an International brand. Copied makeup products of a lot of International brands are available at online pages in Pakistani, e.g. Huda Beauty fake makeup products, which are quite affordable, but their quality is considerably compromised. 

Because International products are not made according to Pakistani climate conditions or Pakistani skin requirements, they might not suit all Pakistani girls. Several Pakistani makeup experts and women in the media field have their own makeup brands which have locally made, affordable and Halal products. If you want to get a really good affordable lipsticks that are long lasting, here is a review of the top 3 most trendy and affordable lip products that are locally made and easily available in Pakistan.

Trendy Affordable Lipstick 1

Afghan Rose Lipstick by Masarrat Misbah.Affordable lipsticks

Name of product: Lip varnish by Masarrat Misbah

Best shade: Afghan Rose

Price: PKR 1,350

afghan rose by masarrat misbah swatch
afghan rose by masarrat misbah swatch

Product review: This wonderful lip product is light-weight and has pigmentation of a very good quality. When applied to the lips, it gives a very luxurious and elegant look. The best thing about this lip varnish by Masarrat Misbah makeup is that it is infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. These ingredients will help to seal the moisture in the lips, and keep them healthy and smooth, which is why this product is a must-have for the upcoming winter and wedding season as well. The natural ingredients in this lip varnish also prevent the color of the lips from darkening. Lip varnish is also glossier, is longer lasting, and provides high coverage as compared to a random lipstick.

Though the lip varnish is available in a variety of shimmery and matte shades, the trendiest shade is Afghan Rose, which is a beautiful light pink sort of shade and works well with all sorts of skin tones, and can be easily matched with all dress colors. This shade is subtle enough that it does not overpower your inner spunk, but also brings out a beautiful glow on your face. 

Where to buy it: You can buy the Afghan Rose Lip Varnish by Masarrat Misbah Makeup from their official online store. They provide guaranteed original and good quality products, and they also often have amazing discount offers or deals. The link to their official online store is given below:


Trendy Lip Gloss 2

Bold & Beautiful lip gloss by luscious cosmetics .Affordable lipsticks
Bold & Beautiful lip gloss by luscious cosmetics

Name of product: Double Dazzle Lip Gloss by Luscious Cosmetics

Best shade: Bold & Beautiful

Price: PKR 845 is the original price of this wonderful lip product, but nowadays it is on sale at the Luscious Cosmetics official on-line store, and is available for PKR 507

Bold & Beautiful lip gloss by luscious cosmetics swatches
Bold & Beautiful lip gloss by luscious cosmetics swatches

Product review: Love shimmery lip glosses? What’s better than two awesome lip gloss colors in one compact and affordable packaging? The Double Dazzle Lip glosses by Luscious Cosmetics are a must-have for every Pakistani girl. They are available in different color combinations, and have a wonderful and dazzling finish. The combination of colors in this lip gloss series has been designed such that one of the colors is sheer and the other is shimmery. The product contains mineral oil, and the pigments present in it are long lasting and safe. The hydrating formula of this lip gloss helps to keep lips soft and smooth, and is perfect for Pakistani girls. The quantity of lip gloss in one package is approximately 0.5 fl oz.

The best shade available in the Double Dazzle Lip gloss series is hands down the Bold & Beautiful. This lip gloss has a beautiful lighter shade which you can use to enhance your natural everyday look. The shade on the other side of this compact lip gloss package is a spunky darker pink, which you can use to glam up your look for a festive night out, for a party or a wedding. Both the shades can be easily matched with a variety of dress colors and designs. This single lip product will relieve you of a lot of your makeup related worries, so you should definitely give it a try. 

Where to buy it: You can buy the Bold & Beautiful Double Dazzle Lip-gloss by Luscious Cosmetics from their official online store. The best thing is that they provide free makeup sample products with every order, so you can also get to try other amazing products from their brand. The link to their official website is given below:


Trendy Lipstick 3

Lipstick by Atiqa Odho Affordable lipsticks
Lipstick by Atiqa Odho

Name of product: Lipstick by Atiqa Odho Cosmetics

Best shade: Bubble

Price: PKR 650

swatch of bubble AB-04 by atiqa odho cosmetics
swatch of bubble AB-04 by atiqa odho cosmetics

Product review: Atiqa Odho Cosmetics have an amazing range of lipsticks which have a Halal formula and do not contain any animal fat. They are also long lasting and have good quality pigmentation. Even though they are not really expensive, they don’t leave any stains or darken the lips after use, which some other lipsticks available at a similar price often do. The lipsticks also contain Vitamin E to take extra care of your lips. The binding agent present in the lipstick is beeswax, and you can easily blend two different shades to make a third shade of your liking.

One of my personal favorite shades in the lipstick range by Atiqa Odho Cosmetics is Bubble. It gives a very beautiful matte effect. You can wear it with all styles and colors of clothing. However, when paired with simple clothing and statement jewelry, this lip color is sure to bring out your inner pizazz. 

Where to buy it: You can buy the Bubble lipstick shade by Atiqa Odho Cosmetics on their official online store. The code of the product is AB-04. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get notified about new products and amazing deals. The link to their official website is given below:

All of these trendy and affordable lip products are made in Pakistan, have a Halal and safe formula perfect for Pakistani skin. You can easily purchase them online at the brand’s official website or at other shopping sites like All of these lip products are by brands whose founders are women with a lot of experience in the field of makeup, and all these products have been formulated keeping in mind the beauty needs of Pakistani girls. So, be sure to add these products to your makeup stash, and rock your look!


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