The Physician-Good Movie-Review

Theme: a young boy touched by his mother’s untimely and painful death seeks the knowledge of medicine in dark ages of Europe when treating people from illness was considered black magic and it was forbidden.He travels to Iran to learn from the great Ibn e Sina. The story is not just that simple, it moves through a lot of tragic plots.

Why To Watch:

1- though like any period movie it is slow paced and quite long but interesting to watch as the story unfolds.

2- provides an insight into dark ages of Western world when they had lack of education and they traveled East to seek it.

3- a boy’s passion for medicine, love and obedience to his teacher takes the viewers from high and lows of his emotional journey, of a soul that never rests from seeking

4- very well made, the acting is quite up to the mark

Cons of the movie:

1-Most of all movie constantly reminded me of Edward Said’ Orientalism , which is that a white guy is always sensible then everyone else and comes for rescue.

2- too slow and a bit too long, though keeps the interest but at some points as viewer you feel fine to skip a little bit

Who should watch:

1-people who like period movies that explore history and empires

2- people who like the slow drama happening

3- those who want to know how medieval East operated.

certainly not recommended for action lovers or suspense and thrill watchers.

IMdB rating: 7.2/10 Rotten Tomatoe: 73%

My Personal rating: 3.7/5

I would say it’s a good watch and you should give it a try.

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