The Inventor Out For Blood In Silicon Valley 2019 [A Must Watch] link available

so I love watching documentaries because of the research based information they provide. Not all documentaries keep my attention till the end but recently I watched The inventor by HBO made on professional life of Elizabeth Holmes, the woman titled as ‘the next Steve Jobs,’ I was not able to skip a single section of this documentary. It is 100% worth watching.

The documentary intricately unfolds the life of a young, zealous, and determined Elizabeth Holmes who gets poisoned by her utter hunger for achieving the vision she envisioned and her craving to be listed with most successful tech entrepreneurs, the likes of Steve jobs, Bill gates etc.

why should we watch it

1-such a hard-hitting lesson in fall from grace

2- the modern hunger for success, wealth and fame

3-an epic story of ability in fabricating narrative and persona to display success, wealth and competence

I have watched documentary made by HBO, there is one made by ABC as well but I haven’t gotten the chance to watch it yet

following is the link to watch this documentary:

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