The House of Z-a must watch

So did I mention on my blog somewhere that I love watching documentaries? I am not sure! but I love documentaries 😉

And so I am always on a hunt for a good one to find and binge watch.

Recently I came across The House Of Z on Netflix while randomly scrolling between different items.

And once I started watching it, I spent my entire I guess 1-2 hours on this show.

The show ends on the following quote of Joseph Campbell:

What it is about?

1.the professional + life journey of a fashion designer

2. his fall from grace and then getting back up in fashion, glamour & wealth competitive world you lose your family behind with out even realizing.

4.and a great lesson in staying humble

since I love watching stuff related to fashion, I enjoyed the show a lot. More over it is made very realistically, the designer, Zac Posen, on whose life it is made is also with in this documentary, his sister and mother talk about his journey and the differences they battled as the business went crumbling down.

I would highly highly recommend it to people who love documentaries or anything related to fashion.

IMDb rating: 6.9/10

my rating certainly 4.5/5

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