Splashing face with ice cold water or dunking face in cold water is a latest beauty trend and that is sworn by many top models and actresses.

Karlie Kloss in her vlog for preparation before 2018 Victoria Secret Show in Shanghai showed splashing her face with ice-cold water. Also Bollywood top actress Katrina Kaif shared a video on her Instagram showing how she dips her face in ice cold water every morning. So, what does this new trend do and is it worth it or not!

So I am following this trend for last 3-4 months and this what I have discovered

  1. Lifts face
  2. Tightens pores
  3. Burns fat
  4. removes morning puffiness
  5. reduces redness
  6. Gives even application to make up
  7. Make up application lasts longer
  8. And according to celebs it keeps away the wrinkles

I am not sure if the claim about wrinkles is correct or not but if definitely has done the rest, my colleagues have multiple times praised my smooth foundation application ever since I am following this method.

Final verdict: A huge YES from my side definitely should be a part of your routines.

Procedure of splashing face with ice cold water

  1. take a bowl
  2. put at least 20 cubes in it
  3. add half a glass of water
  4. let it sit for 10 minutes to be a bit more icy cold
  5. Dunk your face for a total of 1 minute (with breaks in between)

Note: do a dip for five seconds than catch your breath and then again do it for next five seconds and continue until one minute worth of time is done.

If you are in hurry and can’t do the dipping at least take an ice cube and rub it all over your face

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