Mohammad Salah is an Egyptian footballer who on the basis of his skill and hard work is known as an iconic player. Mo Salah plays from Liver Pool club and is dearly praised and loved in that part of the world especially. Mo Salah is liked and adored by Muslim football fans and others because of his balanced and moderate behavior, he is seen many a times reciting Quran and offering prayers and yet he does not any where flaunt about his religiosity.

His true character as a staunch Muslim man with good values is not shown off by himself rather his team mates constantly seem to praise him for that. His fellow players talk about how dedicated he is towards his religious and national roots that get reflected in his work ethics.

This past Sunday, Mo Salah set another example of showing the guts of not a good player only but of an amazing gentleman. Here in Pakistan some players are proudly flaunting of restricting women to certain professional fields in the name of religion, societal values and personal maters, Mo Salah was seen cheering for his youngest daughter Makka, along with liver Pool fans in the stadium as she played joyously in the ground and hit for a goal during the half time break. Mo Salah could be seen beaming as proud father of a daughter who was showing talent and desire for football just like her daddy.

Players in Pakistan need to take notes from this global star who is not only a million dollars worth sportsman but also quite a practicing Muslim man, he is taking his role as an influencer seriously and setting all the good examples of a balanced human being who is opening doors for others and not closing them just to get popularity among common masses by harping on the popular narrative. People also need to highlight and value stars like Mo Salah who have become a beautiful example and reflection of Muslim community at global level.

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