salad bar pasta salad with thousand island sauce

If you are an eating out person, salad bars at various restaurants must be your go to. And as they give a small tray most of us try to fill in salad bar pasta salad as much as we can.

But why not make these tasty salad bar recipes at home. One of my favorite salads at bar is spicy, savory, sweet fruit pasta in thousand islands sauce which is orange-ish in color.

I made this salad bar pasta salad a few weeks back for my friend’s birthday and both of my friends liked it a lot. So much so that birthday girl friend asked me for the recipe. So I though to put it on blog for her and for all of you.

Recipe of thousand Island sauce

thousand island sauce for salad bar pasta salad

I always make mayonnaise at home. For thousand island sauce, first we will make mayonnaise

Mayonnaise Recipe for thousand island sauce:

  1. One egg medium size
  2. Oil half cup


1-Put egg in blender.

2-Switch on blender and let the egg alone keep mixing for 30 seconds

3-Add drop by drop oil (be very sure to add drop by drop that makes all the difference) for next 45 seconds.

4-Add the remaining oil all at once in a long streak (after 45 seconds pass of drop by drop addition of oil)

5-Keep on blending for 3 to 5 minutes.

6-Keep checking the consistency.

7-For more thickening, add more oil

Here your mayonnaise are ready 🙂

Now to make thousand Island sauce

1-Take half a cup of mayonnaise

2-Add two full table spoon of ketchup

3-Mix both ingredients very well

4-Keep this sauce aside

Salad Bar Pasta Salad Recipe

salad bar pasta salad ingredients along with thousand island sauce


  1. Half glass pasta
  2. Pineapple chunks (cut in small pieces) half cup
  3. Apple diced in small chunks (1 quarter cup)
  4. Apricot/plump 1 quarter cup
  5. Capsicum 1 quarter cup
  6. Green chilli diced one medium size
  7. Cabbage thinly sliced just a little amount 1 quarter or even lesser


1-Take one big bowl

2-Put pasta, all fruits thinly diced

3-Add capsicum, chilli cabbage

4-Add 3 table spoon of pineapple syrup from the pineapple tin

5-Add thousand island sauce

6-Add 1 and a half table spoon sugar

7-Add half table spoon (or more according to taste) chat masla

8-Add a pinch of salt and black pepper

9-Increase spices according to taste after tasting a little quantity

Wolah! Your salad bar pasta salad is ready

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