Siddiqa Khalid Khan is a mother, lifestyle blogger and CEO of a company Wish Slimming Capsules that she established herself. Saddiqa belongs from Pakistan and currently resides in UK. She is a mother of two beautiful kids.

I got to know Siddiqa when I started blogging and knew nothing how to do things, I randomly searched a few blogging groups on fb and stumbled upon her group. In the beginning I just saw pictures of this gorgeous woman who styles herself amazingly.

But as I began watching her short videos, I got to know the real Siddiqa, the beyond glamorous one 😉 and I found her even more beautiful and true in her spirit. I saw her encouraging and uplifting other women, one thing that inspires me most-women empowering other women. I started reading her posts and the rest is history. She was kind enough to instantly accept my offer of interviewing her and I am so enourmously grateful to her. Enough talking for now, let’s read how she responded to my questions:

1-Define yourself in one sentence.

 I am a strong confident women.

2- what are you most proud of in your life?

 How many people look up to me and how many people I inspire.

 3- what is your motivation in life ?

My motivation in life has always been my kids. I want my daughter to be very confident, independent and educated and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. What motivates me on a daily is the thought of seeing my daughter graduating and doing well for herself without depending on other people

 4- what makes you sad?

 Seeing women bringing other women down instead of helping them boost their confidence.

 5-How do you over come sadness and disappointments?

 By looking at the big picture in life and seeing good in every situation.Also taking it as a test from God.. with highs comes downs

6- How do you stay fit and healthy?

 I’ve set a goal for each month and once I meet that target I treat my self to something which keeps me motivated and eager to keep going. Professional Life

7- You are a CEO of your company, can you tell us what your company is about?

 It is a slimming capsule company that controls your appetite and therefore helps you loose weight as your portions will naturally become smaller whilst taking the pills.It is all natural and no side effects I have tons of people with health issues that use my pills and have seen drastic weight changes.

8- when and how did you decide to become a business woman?

As I was very self-conscious as an individual and losing my weight made me into such a confident person and happier within myself,so I knew I wanted to help other women who are self conscious the way I was.That was the main reason I decided to pursue as it is very rewarding.

 9-what are your tips for women who want to become financially independent?

 I personally think ladies should save money and book onto courses and trainings to help gain more knowledge into what field they may want to go into and slowly start a business.Someone girl’s are naturally talented and shouldn’t waste that and apply that into a small business whether it be in makeup,fashion etc..

 10-what were the challenges you faced in your business and how you resolved them?

I haven’t faced no challenges as all business have ups and downs and you shouldn’t take it as a challenge but should accept it as a learning opportunity.

11- Why did you decide to start an fb group with Lifestyle bloggers (Ladies only)?

 As I was part of another group where I saw the admins charging other ladies for advertising etc, that’s when we 5 friends decided to do LSB groups , our group is all about motivating and helping other ladies as much as we can , Alhamdulillah we are doing great

 12-what are your future goals?

 My future goals are to continue uplifting ladies, giving them confidence as many women’s around the world has 0 confidence,

Many prayers for this true spirit to soar high and reach all the skies that are there. Keep spreading the light and joy 🙂


  1. She is love ..she is inspiration for all women ..she is amazing n out standing lady in thz world …she motivate selfless n lack of confident women ..i love her all over her personality her heart her mind ability …stay ever blessed my love sidu jau

  2. Amazing , she is the angel I have never met . She inspires me a lot and am greatly proud of the person she is . May Allah keep her shinning always.
    Love you siddiqa 😍

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