RIMMEL highlighter-Don’t Buy

so If you are in a hurry and want to read a short review, the simple answer is don’t buy Rimmel highlighter, EVER!..

Well people who want to empathize with my shopping tragedy may, rather should, keep reading.

so last month my Wet and Wild highlighter almost finished and as I am a girl for bling I immediately needed a new one. On my visit to Alfatah mall this beautiful casing with three incredible color of highlight’ pallet caught my attention and as a make up enthusiast I bought it right away, considering it to be my new discovery that perhaps is under-rated by beauty world 😛

well I did ask the sales girl to make me check the product and like a perfect sales girl she took a small amount of the product and made a swatch on my arm and I on her insistence agreed to buy. I think I paid 1300 rupees ofr this crap.

well let me stop my wallowing in self pity and come to review, here it goes:


only the casing of product is quite nice for a lower end beauty product.


it is total chalk and there is no bling or spark in product.

  • totally over priced for such a crap product.
  • the pink and center brown shades are worst, the last dark golden is a little better.

All in all apart from packaging everything about this highlighter is worst.

comparison picture with Wet and Wild highlighter:

the index finger has Rimmel highlighter, the center finger has wet and wild highlighter.

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