Packaging of Pure Desi skincare products:

The packaging of these products is average. The labels are made of simple printed paper with product logos printed on them. The quality of plastic of bottles is very ordinary. But I don’t mind under average packaging for a local business because of limited financial resources packaging is something that is initially compromised.

One thing that I feel should have been on packaging but was completely missing, was PRODUCT’S INGREDIENTS’ DETAILS & HOW TO USE DETAILS. Only mist had instruction to use it twice a day but it was written in too small font to be read easily.

Even if there is lack of resources yet the companies must take their customers in confidence about the ingredients they are using. Also it was difficult for me to decide on my own after how much intervals I should use the ubtan or how much quantity to apply for each product.


Pure Desi products- ubtan
Pure Desi products- ubtan

The best ubtan I have ever used because

  1. not harsh at all like other ubtans
  2. very soft in feel and even when you rub it on your face it does not make you feel scratchy or itchy like other ubtan
  3. Though usually most ubtans have high amount of channa daal and that causes dryness after application, Pure Desi’s ubtan does not cause dryness at all. It has a lot of other ingredients along with channa daal.
  4. The ubtan has slightly greasy or leathery feel to it, which suited my skin a lot. Oily skin people might find it a bit greasy but I would suggest them to create the mixture with plain or rose water.
  5. the skin feels baby soft after the use of Pure desi ubtan.
  6. It has reduced my pore size considerably well.
  7. I would 100% recommend you Pure Desi Ubtan.
  8. The best part is that Pure Desi ubtan reduces darkness on elbows and knees if used regularly.

How I used Pure Desi Ubtan:

1-take 2 table spoon of ubtan

2-mix it with rose water for combination skin, mix it with milk for dry and mix it with plain water for oily skin.

3-apply all over face

4-let it dry a little bit (not complete dry)

5-then with wet fingers massages face with ubtan on it

6-after massage of about 5 minutes I washed my face and tap dried it with towel

Rating for ubtan: 5/5



This face wash is made of all natural ingredients.

Even you can see the herbs at the bottom of bottle from within the transparent packaging.

The facewash is super gentle on your skin.

It takes a little more quantity than chemical based facewashes to have a good cleansed face.

But once done you would for sure feel your face to be silky smooth and clean.

One down side is that normal facewash takes 3 ,4 splashes of water to clean the leather of facewash off. Pure Desi facewash takes 7,8 splashes of water to get rid of face wash.

But it is really really good and you can see I have emptied the bottle because of constant use.

How I used Pure Desi face wash

I took a big blob of product (as shown in above picture) and gently rubbed it on my face for 2 minutes and then rinsed my face with tap water

Rating for face wash: 4/5


Face mist of Pure Desi skincare products

Another most favorite product of the entire sample set was face mist. This is an aloevera and cucumber based face mist.

I always applied this face mist after ubtan use

This face mist made my skin really soft and refreshed.

This is much better option than chemical based face mists because it is all natural

I applied it before make up to soften my skin and also before sleeping at night for skin repairing and pore tightening

Rating for face mist: 5/5


lip balm by Pure Desi skincare products

This lip balm is a little greasier than usual lip balms but that also because it is made of natural ingredients.

My lips are roughly dark on the outer corners and it for sure has reduced the darkness of my lips. My lips have not turned pink yet (I have applied it 5 times so far) but it has reduced darkness and my lips are more clean and have achieved almond-ish color now

I don’t have dry or problematic lips so I can’t say if it is highly effective in terms of cracks or not.

It for sure plumps and softens lips and gives a much cleaner and even tone to the lips. I make sure to apply it before sleeping at night, so that in the morning my lips are smooth for lipstick application for office.

Rating for lip balm: 4/5


The body wash is very much similar to face wash

Its natural ingredients can be seen at the bottom of transparent bottle

It is very soft and gentle and does not cause any irritation at all.

The best thing is that both face wash and body wash are chemical free and kids friends so one can use them for babies as well.

Rating for body wash: 4/5


Pure Desi products can be bought from their official facebook page, the link is as follows:

Smart Tips for buying:

1-Very frequently Pure Desi offers deals to buy two or three products together and they give a good discount. They very regularly announce sales as well so wait for sale.

2- Pure Desi very often announces to give sample products in deals of very cheap price rates. Like five sample products in just 500 rupees or 7 products in 700 rupees deal etc. Wait for those sample deals to come and buy the sample deal.

3- The sample deals have enough product to last for good one month.

4-The sample prices include shipping cost as well so you do not have to pay extra for Cash on delivery.

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