He loved me thorough
So he built a castle of comfort
I did his chores
And bemused by his stories of rivers & shores
to the river he shouted, ‘I love this woman vast and deep as you’
I asked myself do I feel the same too
I wanted to tell him but he said I love u more
One day on the river bank I told him
I want to fly, and dance, tattle and travel
I want to do everything I can
Furious he was & I was amazed
He turned pale & held me strong
He told me to think about uncles and aunts
To remember injunctions of mullahs and imams
To not disgrace his love and caring charms
For days n days I wondered and wondered
And on the river bank I told him
I don’t want to be loved any more
I want to be understood and explored
I want to live without losing my soul!

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