Organize your closet- using Kon-Marie method

Author: Bushra Ahmed

The author is a lecturer at Agriculture University Faisalabad

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In order to make open and wider space, you first need to get rid of things that has remained with you for a long time and you guess you will need them on some random day that never comes. In short, re-assess the role of everything in your life. An important thing while de-cluttering is, always categorize your tasks by items e.g.

first books

then clothes,

shoes and so on.

Once categorized and de-cluttered you will be left with items you really want and you will be able to access them easily.

Always start from a category that ‘sparks joy’ to you like some girls enjoy seeing their clothes or some have fun working with their shoes. Here are our tips to organize your clothing cabinets.


Put clothes in small boxes or baskets that every one of us has at our homes. As Marie Kondo said everything needs a home. Your basket will become home of your clothes.

  1. Specify one basket for each type of clothes. These baskets will become home of such items. Now you know where you need to place them back after using them.
    1. Second benefit of placing clothes in basket is, when you need to organize your cupboard you might have just 5 or 10 minutes, you can simply drag one basket at a time, clean it and put it back. You do not need to take out the jumbled-up bulk of clothes.
  2. Third benefit is you can find any type of clothes easily because now you know the home of every item.
  3. Fourthly you can easily see which sort of things (clothes) are available with you.

Tip 2)

Fold your clothes as shown in the picture below ( with each item we want to reach a rectangular shape).

  • note: Some clothes are very delicate like shafoon, silk, hand embroided shirts etc hang all such clothes. You will automatically come to know which clothes have stubborn wrinkles in folding. When you fold clothes and place one over the other do not keep them tightly pressed with each other it will create creases. Make small piles in this way your clothes would not get wrinkled.

a) If you are placing things on cupboards shelf then pile up one shirt over the other in the way you can easily see each item.

b) If placing things in small boxes and baskets, then fold your clothes in a circular way. In this way you can store a lot of things in small space.

Tips 3)

When you hang clothes, always hang longer and heavier clothes on the far left side first then less heavier comes next and as you move on towards right side place lighter and shorter clothes respectively in this way you will have much more space in your closet.

Minimalism is an effective way of being organized, trying having only those things you really need and want but horde too much. The clutter around you clutters your mind as well. Clean your mind, heart and spirit by cleaning your life.


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