nida yasir showing off her shopping from abroad

Ever since we have moved away from PTV style refined entertaining, info-taining morning shows, all we have seen on most morning shows is trash content. Audience is conditioned into watching loud, over flaring, nonrealistic content. This whole fiasco of maddening content started with Shaista Waheedi conducting shady and mehndi functions. It moved onto Sanam Jung’s narration of her family’s lifestyle and making a girl dark skinned for rating in a makeup tutorial. Nida Yasir is continuing this circus content and it all does not seem to end any time soon.

Nida Yasir boasted off her high end brands’ shopping

Recently one of the most top rated morning show, hosted by Nida Yasir, met a new low. The host took a thick slot of time displaying her expensive shopping of bags, shades, clothes etc. The only objection is not that she is boasting about her expensive buying but also about the lack of content quality. These shows appear to be daily vlogs, where a person is randomly telling about their life happenings. This kind of content is easily displayed by individual YouTube vloggers who are working without expensive budget and huge teams

A morning show host is provided one of the most prime and expensive airtime of the day. A time slot when mostly women consume TV content. A country where women are oppressed, does not know basic rights, have lack of opportunities-in that country you can have bulk of quality content. But quality content and presenting it in interesting and entertaining manner is a tiring job which media houses and morning show teams of hundreds of people are not ready to put.

Morning with Farah actually created a sample show of excellent quality. Farah did not only stay away from useless hangama material but regularly invited guests from Fulbright team, legal councilors, even her question with regular celebrities reflected a well thought out program.

Nida Yasir has done it before too

Nida Yasir has not committed this mistake in her innocence. She has even refused to apologize for such low quality content. But the problem is that we have noticed it after a very long time. Nida Yasir’s show has repeatedly displayed content, which is highly objectionable.

In Nida Yasir’s morning show regularly, skin-whitening tips are shared. Doctors, herbal experts, and celebrities are asked repeatedly to tell ways to lighten skin. Not only this, regular body shaming is done and nobody seems to notice. In one of her shows, I remember I turned off TV because she made 3 women sit (who looked heavier in weight than Nida herself) and she was explaining how you can’t lose weight once you are “this huge” (in her words).

In one show with actor Salma, she casually mentioned that husband is not an adult rather another child of a wife and therefore be treated like one. In the same show, Nida Yasir indirectly accepted that men flirting with other woman is just like “ a child getting attracted to a bad candy”. In a country where women already work double without any regard, such incompetent and ill-informed TV hosts encourage ideas of men being men.

salma hassan in nida yasir show

I know that many people would say that if you don’t like the content, just switch the channel or turn off the TV. This is not the right way- why? Because it is not about one individual person, such content create collective social mentality. By watching repeatedly the same content, people are trained into believing ‘ men are like children, light skin is ideal, divorce is not a man’s fault even if he has a secret affair etc’. Moreover, such content is consumed by women who remain so busy with house chores that they don’t even question its quality or credibility; they just watch it for entertainment sake.

Asking PEMRA to take actions is not fair enough, because these channels are earning billions of profit. Only public can create a difference. The way, because of regular bashing of Saas Bahu dramas by public, now drama content is improving as in Aana, Khaas, Ishq zahe Naseeb etc, the same way people need to change attitude towards morning shows.

People need to call out, not the person but the content and the channel to improve and work on their material. Channels need audience if your audience is aware, channels would be pressured to improve. Social media is a huge platform for audience, just like Nida Yasir’s video has gone viral now morning shows would know not to reach to pathetic low to fill out time of a TV show.

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