Mysterious Case Of The Missing Dead Bodies

short story in English

Author: Xara Shariq

The Curious Case of Missing Dead Bodies-short story in English

It felt as if the dead had arisen. One by one, the bodies went missing from the graveyard. They were gone without any explanation. How cruel this world could be? Even the dead were not safe. At least the bizarre incidents reported from a graveyard suggested so. During the past three weeks, dead bodies of three minors had disappeared from their graves hours after being buried. 

Even the police, who initially suspected the case to be the doing of wild animals or some other kind of creatures such as stray dogs, were now compelled to believe that there was something more worse than that. There were not only three cases which had been reported from that area so far. During the past six months, five more dead bodies–both of minors–were also reported missing under similar circumstances. Each day a new body would went missing which left the cops with no other option than to take a scrupulous action. 

It had been eccentric enough that how could these buried dead bodies went missing from a highly secured graveyard without anyone not knowing anything? Newspapers, Magazines, Television headlines and every other source of spreading news was flooded with such incidents. It was the first time that such a thing had happened world wide. People started to refer to this case as the mysterious case of the missing dead bodies. This exclusive vocation was handed over to a young qualified detective who was hired under the police custody. Her name was Alice Carver, she was in her mid twenties completing her master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Many other people were also hired to perform their best in finding out who the hell was behind this all.

Fifteenth July 1997 was the day when the investigations were officially started. That particular area in the graveyard was completely sealed but despite that, another new dead body would disappear every other day. Many clues were found till then, but all in vain. When the police was not reaching any positive conclusions they tried to hush up the case by stating that this was nothing new and often wild animals and stray canines prey on dead in case of shortage of food. But the police claim were proved to be baseless on more than two counts.  

First, the graveyard was surrounded by a 7ft high boundary wall which had a gigantic iron gate. That gate was usually kept under lock-and-key and can be opened by the caretakers only. This surely rules out the possibility of stray animals feeding on dead bodies. More so, as admitted by the detective, the mud removed from the grave and heaped around it clearly indicated that it was not what an animal could do with its paws. 

Uncertainty the first doubt went on all the caretakers who were working there. The suspect must be someone from among them as only they had access to the graveyard and if it had been someone else, they must know something about it. Each and every single one of them was kept under observation for the whole twenty-four hours. But NO! Nothing strange was noticed. Everyone was acting completely normal.

But again, even if it was assumed that the wild animal managed to drag the cold and clammy bodies out of the deep graves and then cross the 7ft tall boundary wall, the theory was proved wrong because no marks of the bodies being dragged on the ground or pulled across the wall, had been found so far.

Many people living in and near that area were questioned about anything they had seen or been seeing these past few days. Each day was nothing less than hell for those people as they were bound to stay in their houses until the whole case was solved. Fifth august 1997 was the day when the core of this mystery was revealed. Detective Alice Carver found out a lot of clues which led her to the final conclusion that there was a child behind all of this. 

Following are the clues that forced her to think so. Firstly, It’s true that no marks of the bodies being dragged on the ground or pulled across the wall had been found so far, but still this was not all. There were some shoe patterns observed in the mud. Secondly, an old man named Alex had seen a boy, the night before, at the graveyard. It was approximately two weeks after this case had been handed over by the police custody. Alex was the laundry man who comes in that area in a two or three weeks time.

The whole team was behind this child. Every one of them was busy in finding more clues which would lead them to their final destination. Official records were checked to find the exact child and youth population in the city. Inspection teams were sent to every house in the city in order to crave more about the suspect. Further people were hired for this mission. 

After almost a month or two of continuous investigations they then found out that it was not someone else behind all this, but a boy named Daniel whose mother’s body had disappeared long ago. It was the first ever dead body that went missing from the graveyard. He was a pre-teenager almost fourteen, with long brown hair over his eyes. He was found near a large trash bin. Since he was not in his stable condition at that time, the cops and detectives didn’t ask much from him. After some medical tests and prescriptions he was self conscious again but now in all his senses. He was now stable enough to answer any question. He confessed by himself that there was someone else for whom he was working——— or it would not be wrong to say that he was forced to work for him.

How he managed to cross those gigantic iron gates or 7ft tall boundary walls, and shove those bodies out of their graves, was still a mystery. However after analyzing the case to the extent, the detective revealed that he was working for an evil man who called himself his older brother, and he had brainwashed him to do whatever he told him to. He was the owner of a lab who was currently working on an experiment of bringing the dead back to life and he was using the boy just for his purpose. Since it was privatized lab, the government doesn’t know much about it but from that day onwards it was sealed and then industrialized.

After this whole mystery-case was solved, the lab was taken over by the government and all the people who were working there were imprisoned for three to four years. Despite the fact that the boy was sent to an orphanage where he was treated the same as others, he was on his complete medications and all the expense of his surgeries and prescriptions were handled by the government. Alice Carver also finished her master’s degree in Criminal Justice and since then she had been receiving a bulk of offers by different cities and countries. Maybe this mysterious case of the missing dead bodies was the starting of good luck in her upcoming life.

I sometimes wonder how can someone be this hard–boiled?  What everyone does in this world is for their own sake. Using everyone or even someone else to achieve something, is not what one should do, regardless of him being completely feral. One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences never truly achieve anything. Including success, fame, money, self satisfaction and most of all inner joy, happiness and mental peace.

—————————————–THE END——————-

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