Apart from this blog, I do a regular 9 to 5 job. I am provided a small spaced office by my organization with zero decor. Though I don’t exactly know the calculations of the width and length but it is just enough to adjust one large work table with office chair, a side rack and two small sofas for visitors. I am someone who likes small spaces with personalized decor. I can’t work to my maximum until my surroundings feel a bit personal to me.

As mentioned in my About section of blog, I am a strong believer in minimalism. I don’t ever want to over do things and I don’t like luxurious, over priced art decors around me. But a bit artistic, affordable pieces here and there make me feel joyous and enthusiastic about my work.

On top of that I make sure to add my self made arts and craft work in the decor to completely personalize my work space. Below I would suggest you how you can decor small spaced office or room. And I would also add pictures of my own office decor to give you excat idea how I do my embellishments.

1- Small Artificial Plants for decor

Plants make the environment feel pleasant. So if you can commit to watering and taking care of plants, do buy small in door plants for your office, nothing can be better than that. For me I have added a few artficial pot plants on my work table. Choose smalls pot so that you can adjust stationary easily. Also try taking artifical plants with colorful flowers or fruit on them because color awakens the entire space.

2- Stationary Holders

Rather than buying regular stationary holders, I would suggest you to convert personalized mugs into holders. Like a mug with your family picture on it, or a mug that you brought from a trip to certain area. In this way, you subtly surround the space with homeliness feeling.

3- Arts and Crafts Pieces for decor

Hand made things have their own warmth and feeling. If you can make something for yourself or some one makes it for you, place it close to you. I always add a few art and craft work of mine around me. This time I made hanging tinker bells and plain flowers. I hung my tinker bells fairies with the false ceiling and pasted my flowers on pretty bland looking wall.

4- Paintings for decor

My little brother gifted me butterflies around 6 months back and they were just sitting in my drawer. What I did was that I cut a few plain card pieces, wrote my favorite quotations on them. I placed them on one narrow wall of my office and in between the quotations I pasted the butterflies.

But to make the wall not look like Kindergarten class I placed one of my favorite paintings on top of that. The painting was gifted by one of my closest friend, so again placing a few things from your friends and family makes you feel ease in front of computer and a cubical office.


Vases have been the part of decor since decor ever existed. And a corner can never look as elegant as with a small vase or a vase like decoration item. So I took one of my soya sauces bottle and used it as a vase for my corner of office wall. I placed dragging drawers in the corner and on top I placed a few sparkly items to make the corner decor look vibrant.

6-Cushions and Rug

Add a few not to expensive cushions to make your office look a little luxurious. But the cushions should be matching with sofas. Also add a vibrant rug to bring life on the floor as well. As my office is super small, I use a colorful mat as rug.

7- Over all Cleanliness

No decor ever looks amazing or stylish with dust around or files roughly jumbled. Cleanliness is the key to elegance and style. Make sure you racks are properly managed. Your books and folders are neatly placed. And that your tables and chairs are thoroughly wiped off of dust. For all this I make sure to have cleaning cloth in my office and from time to time I wipe my table and rack.

Do put a little effort and don’t mind spending a few pennies to elevate your surroundings. You office is a place where you spend most of you day and if it looks dull and boring so will be your mood and personality. Add color, freshness and decor to your office and to your personality 🙂


  1. Very impressive. Please do share ways to add colors and freshness to our personality as well.

    • personality… oh God that’s a hard thing to teach but definitely gonna try writing something related to that

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