My Baby sister’s birthday party!

So growing up in my home we did not have the tradition of celebrating birthdays. We were raised in a middle class family and my parents were able to give us all essentials by saving all the time, and not celebrating birthdays was one way to save a little bit more (not that I have any complain about saving at that time cause we got a lot from that lifestyle). But as we siblings grew older and financially independent we realized that celebrating small events is vital to developing good bonding and also to tell each other we value each other’s presence. so it’s been a few years now that we throw each other birthday parties. And this Saturday was my youngest sister’s birthday, she threw me a very personal party on my birthday by cooking almost everything from scratch. so I decided to do the same for her.On Friday after returning from work I went for grocery and bought cake veges balloons etc.

there was a lit bit more that i couldn’t shove in the fridge

so I soaked chic peas the nights before for channa chaat. In the morning I started early.

I made a menu list a day ahead to make things in order.I cooked rice and desi style saahlik as main course meal and then channa chaatdahy, dahy bhlaya, white sauce pasta, vermacellies sweets as side dishes I decorated everything simply but meaningfully. I bought candles and balloons of her choice and then we sat together and ate almost in 3 hours and chatted.

In my opinion, small intimate celebrations are more special since you focus on sharing more than just partying and rocking the day. I mentioned in ‘About us’ part of my blog that I believe in minimalism so this was my way of throwing a minimalist meaningful birthday party for my sister

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